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Expose your MacBook Air to the most important accessories of all time. Top MacBook Air Accessories of the Year 2018 MacBook Air is a lightweight (duh - "air"), small, versatile notebook that's as agile as it is mobile. While the 11-incher may be gone, the 13-incher is still available and a relatively cheap option to the latest MacBook or MacBook Pro. When you own a MacBook Air, you need some great peripheral devices and protections so you don't have to type wherever you go.

The first thing you should do is keep your MacBook Air safe. Magicouse is Apple's "buttonless" wireless device that works smoothly with your MacBook Air and has an incredibly long rechargeable lifetime (I use mine all Day, every Daily, and I usually have to recharge it once a Moon if that's the case).

Think of a case that can help keep your MacBook Air safe from scratching, whether you're dragging it around alone or putting it in a rucksack. If the prize is not an item and you want to give your MacBook Air a hint of style and refinement, take a look at Pad & Quill's Valet Slim portfolio.

Retractable to create a comfortable support for your notebook, the back flap keeps your MacBook Air secure and healthy with the accented Notebook Lock. Comes in two different colors and the price begins at $94. You also get a 25 year guarantee if you use your MacBook Air in 25 years.

Every good notebook earns a great U.S. power cord, and the Anchor Woven Napylon U.S. to Lightning Power cord is the great way to charge your Apple gear on the go. Its 6-foot length means you don't have to worry that you' ll pull the cord out of your MacBook Air by mistake, and its woven outer surface keeps these wires out of the way.

If you' re not using your MacBook Air, you must store it somewhere it can get up and protect it from damage. A curved (duh) rack that keeps your MacBook Air up by its side, freeing up your desktop and protecting your notebook from someone placing something on it.

As a result, you can also use your notebook in locked slamshell fashion, i.e. you can plug in an outside screen, keypad and mousepad and use your notebook as a desk top. An awesome notebook case combines stylish design and functionality to perfection, and the Booq Superslim case can do just that. It is made of high quality interior and exterior poliester, and has a zip, with more compartments for cable and peripheral equipment.

Extremely lightweight, this case remains pretty thin despite everything you could fill it with. There' only one colour choice, so if you like the minimal look, take a look at the Booq Superslim for $60. To get a great mobile back up and save experience, visit Seagate's Back Up Plus, which is only available for about $77 for 2TB.

When you want to work on your MacBook Air, the last thing you want is to get caught up in earphone wires (well, maybe not the last one, but it's at the bottom of the list). One great couple of bluetooth headsets will help you to listen to your favorite tunes, watch films and whatever you are, and the powered sound canceller is a great asset for your creativity.

The $350 over-ear earphones are the latest and greatest in terms of clarity and passive suppression from the firm that has been making unbelievable audioproducts for 53 years. QC35 passes some slight enhancements over its previous model with Google Assistant and Siri features. Plus, the twin-speaker system has built-in suppression for clear calling, and you can even set the degree of suppression to match your circumstances.

You get up to 20 hrs of gaming and when you connect your MacBook Air, you get 40 hrs of sound reduction. This is still the best accessory for your MacBook Air!

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