Average Cost for Private Jet

Approximate cost of private jets

How much does it cost to pay for a jet charters - What does it really cost for jet Charter? As a leader in private air travel, the most frequent issue that individuals ask themselves is the same: "What are you doing? "So, how much does it really cost to hire a private jet? Costs for private jet hire are determined by the multiplication of the flying hours by the hours worked plus costs.

Timetable is determined using one of several scheduling programmes used to determine estimates of timetables. Timetables are based on airspeed, wind conditions and expected route guidance and are approximated to the next tenth of an hour. or 2 and 54 min or 2 and 9 h, and the returning trip is valued at 2 and 48 min or 2 and 8 h.

Outward and return flights take a maximum of 5.7h. That is the number of times the tariff is multiplicated by the number of hour to obtain our cost. We have three popular sized categories depending on cab dimensions: lightweight or small jet, midsize or medium-sized jet, full or heavier jet. Please refer to this Jet Charters fleets page for more information on jet cab interior capacity and outfit.

As a rule, lightweight aircraft cost about 2,500 US dollars per flying hour, medium-sized aircraft about 3,200 US dollars per flying hour as well as heavier aircraft an average of 4,500 US dollars per and more. Get back to the Bahamas. By multiplying our five FAA estimates. Seven and a half miles per day at a mid-size jet's basic fare of $3,200 per day, our basic airfare is $18,240.

Additionally to the airfare, the Charterer is liable for all costs arising during the journey, inclusive of accommodation, landings, overseas taxes, meals and use of the airphone. Air craft travel is costly, so it is characteristic of the aircraft to maintain waiting while air travelers go somewhere. During our journey to the Bahamas, the aircraft will stay 3 days, from Thursday to Saturday evening.

Aircraft park and aircraft crewing allowance shall be at the expense of the charterer. Those dues increase the cost of our charters by $1,800. As one of the ways airfields generate revenues, they charge a charge for each aircraft that uses the area. Correspondingly, these taxes are referred to as land taxes.

We will fly to the Bahamas twice, once to the Bahamas and once to New York on our way back. Usually $150 per landings for a mid-size jet adds $300 to the cost of the charters. Bahamas are outside the United States.

Authorizations must be obtained from the Bahamas Customs Authorities, which grant landing and entry clearance to the aircraft, flight attendants and passenger, and from the United States Customs Authorities for repatriation. Costs for the preparation of these documentation for a charters will be forwarded to the charters.

The Bahamas' internal charges will increase the cost of the charters by approximately $1,500. In a private jet the hotel's regular meals include a complete drinks set and lightweight refreshments. Often travellers want to improve their flight by ordering a specific menu or drink set and the cost of the set meals is transferred to the charters.

The claim will be invoiced at cost if any. These are the overall costs for the aircraft. Usually a medium-sized jet can carry 8 people, so the cost would be the same if we had one or eight people. As an answer to our initial questions "How much does it really cost to rent a private jet?

"I estimate the long response will be $22,140 if you go from New York to the Bahamas for a long weekend. What do you mean? When you have 8 people and the cost is about $2,750 per person, the brief response, as I said, is "not as much as you would think".

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