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The application is based on the experience of the New York City Livery Cabs & Yellow Taxis. Obtain instructions, reviews and information for My Taxi Ride Inc in New York, NY.

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1 - The solution receives a sent call from the scheduling system and can allocate an order to the closest operator without delay. 2 - Customers can access the app for all Android, Apple and (Blackberry & Window Mobile 2014 ) devices and directly order the drivers through the scheduling system.

Yes, the system receives the secure enquiry from your customers or individual customers and sends the order to all available chauffeurs electronically. The system is in full agreement with the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission. This system includes the Auto Dispatcher and Auto Pilot so that the driver does not come into contact with the table or other portable devices while the vehicle is in motion, which can contribute to the safety of your enterprise, help all your driver to prevent an accident while using the devices and draw their attention to the street.

Acceptance of a journey is a one-touch push box when the chauffeur chooses to take manual work, this is a legitimate way for chauffeurs to take a work, as the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission Commissioner mentions. 3 - The system will check the driver's condition every 24 h with the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission's open database: e) Flexible hearing and more....

These functions were added at the wish of our customers and acquaintances on the open road to help the company avoid lawsuits against non-licensed riders. New York City TLC Services & Security Corp. D.B.A / El Coronel Two Communications would make the following available to all your drivers: To better serve our customers, we will work with several technicians in the tri-state area.

2 - Full TLC mandatory test free of cost to all riders. 3 - Give the riders a free place to eat. A monthly service is needed and deposit is refundable. h) 24 hour support free of cost...!

Excursion by Taxi Disposition Systems Vol. 1

No matter if you bill your costumers, make reservations, send your car or collect your driver, My Taxi Ride White Label Dispatch System is just right for you! The system is engineered to enable intelligent portability and fast transport while minimising outages. The My Taxi RideTaxi Dispatch System for Fleet Management provides our passengers with high quality service of well serviced fleet.

According to your needs you can select a suitable taxi and we offer you a higher level of mobility even in case of unforeseen changes of the daily trip. We' ve enabled our customers to bring their brand-name apps to Google and Apple Store for both passenger and driver use.

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