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Entwicklung[edit] Hawker P.1127 and Hawker Siddeley Kestrel FGA. The test and design planes that drove the Hawker Siddeley Harrier, the first V/STOL (vertical and/or runway bomb), are the test and design planes. P.1127 began in 1957 and took the decision of the Bristol Engineering Company to develop the Pegasus vector pusher motor.

The tests began in July 1960, and by the end of the year the plane had reached both a perpendicular take-off and a perpendicular take-off. This test programme also investigated the feasibility of using it on aeroplane racks that landed on HMS Ark Royal in 1963. Its first three planes crash during the tests, one of them at the Paris Air Show in 1963.

Enhancements to prospective aircrafts, such as curved wing and more efficient Pegasus thrusters, resulted in the kestrel. Kestrel was assessed by the Tri-partite Evaluation Squadron, composed of British, United States and West German pilots-in-arms. The associated work on a super-sonic airplane, the Hawker Siddeley P.1154, was discontinued in 1965.

Subsequently, in this year the P.1127 (RAF), a version more strongly basing on the kestrel, was commissioned and in 1967 Harrier - the name initially planned for the P.1154 - was called. Harrier was used with Great Britain and several countries, often as a carrier-based airplane. After the completion of P.1154, the RAF then began investigating a simple upgrading of the Kestrel as a serial aeroplane; accordingly, it enacted the requirement ASR 384, which was seeking a V/STOL surface assault jet[45][46] known as P.1127 (RAF).

At the end of 1965, the RAF placed an order for six pre-series P.1127 (RAF)s. On August 31, 1966 the first of these P.1127 (RAF) made its debut-cruise. 46 ][49] At the beginning of 1967 an order for 60 serial aircrafts was officially placed by Hawker Aviation; at this point the airplane was given the name Harrier GR.1.

48 ][50][51] The Harrier became a success in UK duty and was shipped to several countries, often as a carrying plane. This is the last of the six P.1127 models (XP984) and the only one that was upgraded with a brushed blade. Later, it was switched to the first Kestrel model with a Pegasus 5-motor.

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