Macbook Air for Dummies

New Macbook Air for Dummies

Have you recently purchased a Macbook Air? When I first started using my new Macbook Air, I felt at home and lost at the same time. Hardwares Have you recently purchased a Macbook Air? We' ve got all the help, instructions, and tutorials a Macbook Air user could wish for. Latest Macbook Air comes with Intel's high-performance iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 processor.

Whilst earlier Macbook Air generation were a little on the slower side, the latest release has the necessary performance.

Macbook Air's rechargeable batteries have also been extended - Apple now maintains up to 12hrs. Apple's OS x comes with some great pre-installed apps to help you master your day. Using iCloudync, you can keep your information up to date on all your Apple appliancesutomatically.

So why not make your Macbook Air better with Apple's iWork productivity Suite? For more help or guidance on your new Mac, simply visit Apple's Supports pages for all the information you'll ever need.

Switching from Windows to Mac? Here is our beginner's manual for OS xp

As I began using my new Macbook Air, I felt at home and gone at the same time. In many ways OS is similar to Microsoft OS, the OS most of us have grown up with. Likewise, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Word run on Microsoft Word under Microsoft Window. The start of new window is fast and uncomplicated.

As with most changes in OS, the Cmd-Q paradigm is not inferior, only different. On Windows, most keyboard combinations are executed via Control. In the case of a Windows link with Ctrl, there is a possibility that there is an OS X counterpart running under Command. Actually, this is a less than Windows modification.

You do not have a Cmd-X link for copy a file. We' re afraid that one of the absolutely best functions in OS will go undiscovered by those who don' t ditch Mission Control. If you enable mission control (the thing that shows all open windows), there are a number of boxes at the top.

" Imagine this as another home page where you can keep more screens separated from those on another computer workstation. Seems simple, but this function is unbelievably useful when you' re doing three different jobs, each with its own sets of screens that you don't want to shut down, but also don't want to get in the way.

My favourite feature on my old Windows 7 engine was the uniform searching. Simply touch the Windows button and begin to type to browse your computer's harddisk. Simply begin entering your data and you will see the results of your query. On a Mac, the layout of the keypad is a little different than on Windows.

Apples machine avoid the conventional sentence of additional keys on Windows machine, even the Del button. To get a shortlist of available shortcut keys, download CheatSheet with a single long click on the command button. The CheatSheet is contextsensitive, so it presents the right shortcut keys according to the application used.

It' a great way to have everything in front of you if you haven't saved the key combinations yet.

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