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An MAN fights for his life after allegedly being attacked near a taxi stand. Location and availabilities of Barcelona taxi ranks. When I arrive at the aerodrome I plan to bring the RENFE to the city with the aim of Hotel SB Icaria. I want to take a taxi and not the Metro/Walk, so which station would you suggest? It looks like França station is the nearest, but are there free cabs outside all train stops?

In conclusion, it can be said that there are taxi stands outside the following major traffic junctions: Railway stations: Sants Estació, Plaça de Catalunya Railway Station, Barcelona França Railway Station. Marcel França Station. The taxi stop is located directly in front of the station's front door. Barcelona França Station is also located on Avenue Marques De L'Argentera, a bustling street where taxi services go up and down all morning and evening, so you can always take a taxi from Barcelona França Station.

Coach stations: North Barcelona: In front of this station there is a large taxi stand. Estació Sants (Barcelona Sants): Directly in front of the station's front door. Catalunya Railway Station. Aeroporto Barcelona: Taxis are available outside the entire Barcelona International Central Station, i.e. Terminals A, B and C. Be sure to look for the nearest taxi station when leaving the departure area.

We have a plate that shows you the way to the nearest taxi stand. Every taxi stand is just a few minutes' walking distance from every exit of the Barcelona terminal.  Barcelona Cruise Terminals: Taxi stands are located in front of Terminal A, Terminal A, Terminal C and Terminal C and Terminal D (Palacruceros) near Moll Adossat.

Bertrand Terminal. A taxi stand is also available in front of the Grand Marina Hotel in the World Trade Center, just a 5 minutes walking distance from the North, East and South cruising terminal. In downtown Barcelona there are several hundred taxi shelters. Unless you are taking a taxi at a taxi stand, you can stop a taxi from almost anywhere in the town.

Taxi services are available in most parts of downtown throughout the year. When you want to stop a taxi on the street, look for a place where the taxi can drive in securely. Choosing a more secure place where the cabin can stop will make it much more likely to stop to collect you.

To find the sites of all the main junctions of the Barcelona railway station, I suggest you consult our maps page below: In order to find the position of one of the several hundred taxi stop in the center of Barcelona, I suggest you to go to the website of the Barcelona Metropolitan Taxi Association, which lists them and has a practical neighborhood card on which you can click to see the taxi stop in this area.

An online card with the precise locations of taxi stations in Barcelona is also available from the city councillor. If you would like to have a taxi picked up from your guesthouse or other specific place, I suggest that you go to the following web page on our website, which contains the most important taxi number.

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