How much to Fly Private

What does it cost to fly privately?

What does a private jet cost? In addition, when chartering, you can choose the aircraft that is perfect for you for each flight. What will your jet charter cost?

What fortune do you need to fly privately on a recurring schedule?

However, they are talking about charters and a 650, one of the most costly planes ever. Charters are particularly costly because you have a chartership that earns its living. For the same reasons, chip tickets are also quite high. Though more than just business, it can be much less than other responses would make you believe.

Possession comes with its own rate of cost, but the numbers - although not inexpensive - can be much smaller. For example, a Quote III - which is 25+ years old but looks great and is quick and spacious and can be purchased for under $1MM - comes in at $.75 per seating distance or so at cost.

Perhaps less - depending on your travel requirements. To put this into context, you can comfortably fly with 3-5 buddies from NY to Miami for about $4,500 at today's price for gas - plus your overhead. Let's say you are adding $1,000 per hour for these: now you are at about $7,000 for the journey or $1,200 per capita.

Here is an articel from about a year ago discussing the price of this airplane and a Lear 55 (which is even less costly to operate). The Citation CJ4 or Phenom 300, although much more costly in acquisition, allows the use of a sole pilots and will be even less costly in acquisition: only about 1,000 dollars per hours in immediate expenses or half the seating distance as the Citation III Citation.

Taken together in straight cost amortised on any fair base and this journey is approximately $600 - $800 or so per capita. After all, a Gulfstream G200 - a much bigger airplane - will divide the center. They can buy a beautiful one for a few million dollars and fly at about the same cost as the Citation III, but with more boyfriends and more reach.

A G650 is now costly, but the number of persons using this plane is very small. It is the Bentley of planes in every way and has an incredible reach, velocity and comforts. Wonderful to illustrate how costly private aviation can be (emphasis on can be), but you can do it conveniently (and rely on me, a poor private travel will probably be better than a good business travel, all things considered) for far, far, far, far less.

Naturally, tickets are valuable, much more.

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