Private Jet Maintenance

Maintenance of private jets

The Presidential offers preferential jet maintenance rates for owners of our private jet fleet and at factory rates for other customers. Featuring special expertise in Gulfstream, Global Express, Boeing Business Jet and other large cabin aircraft, our extensive experience is your guarantee that the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians are there for you. upkeep services They can profit from the same specialized knowledge and let our professional teams look after their own private jet. Surpass best practice in the business with our own Jet maintenance people. As a result, we are able to monitor, administer, maintain, update and otherwise maintain our private jet family as much as possible.

All our activities are safety-centric, which includes a full SMS (Safety Management System) system built on ICAO and FAA standard development led by the Air Charter Security Foundation. Our company has built a solid position as one of the most secure and reputable private jet companies in the world. Our dedication to the highest industrial standard has resulted in a flawless security protocol.

We have an award-winning corporate aircraft maintenance crew that is among the best in their area. Each year, our factory-trained maintenance teams participate in trainings to make sure they have the latest maintenance practices. From AOG support to line maintenance, our experienced and qualified on-site maintenance engineers offer a quick reaction to make your private jet airworthy again.

PRESIDENTAL provides preferred jet maintenance ratios for private jet owner and under fare for other customers. Every private jet is allocated a special one-on-one co-ordinator for your full attentiveness, leading to a scheduled and on-budget turnaround to the facilities of your private jet. Jet maintenance includes customer-oriented services:

Our Employer Recognition Award Program for Maintenance Technicians (AMT) made this achievement possible. NATA's objective is to create incentives for air frame maintenance firms to train their air frame maintenance (AMT) personnel to a high standard. You believe that the value of this education is seen through improved staff productivity, which results in higher levels of client loyalty based on staff ethics.

Our long-term commitments to security and education have earned us this distinction. Recognizing the advantages of greater security, commercial benefit and client satisfaction that result from this engagement is a key driver behind Presidential's engagement with its Aviation Maintenance Technicians. Our efforts to train employees will be continued and we will ensure both flawless security and high levels of client service.

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