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Airport taxi service

Can someone please tell me what the typical taxi fare from the airport to the Marriott Ocean Club should be? I've contacted a service, namely. Taxis are easily accessible at Reagan National Airport.

Taxis from the airport....

Taxi fares from the airport to the Marriott are $20, regardless of how many people are in the vehicle (sorry - up to 5 people). Essentially, if only your host familiy takes a taxi (which is common), the trip to the Marriott is without stopovers and costs you $20.

If you want to reserve a shuttle service, you must reserve De Palm trips in advanced and continue at regular stations and it will take longer. The Marriott is, however, the last station on the line - make your own inferences. LIMO is often used for the transmission of profiles (celebrities etc.) and you have to balance the costs against the benefits, again it is your decision.

Charge about $40 for the trip. Privately owned automobiles (including security) are available and are often used for very well-known personalities and politicians. Totals for such a service depend entirely on the add-on capabilities you want. Possible options include picking up luggage from specific areas, towing safety wagons and even storing a bottle of champaign in the car.

Think it' really the Marriott to go to? Advice: Take a taxi and enjoy the private space of your own chauffeur to the Marriott (no stopovers) and be happy when you get there in front of the crazy mob. HINT OF THE DAY: It makes a big deal how quickly you get your baggage out and to the taxi, how quickly you get there.

There is a tendency for air travel to slow down around the arrivals time of flights, and the sooner you get into a taxi and say the magical words "Marriott please" the sooner you get to your goal.

Taxicab Service | Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (Airport Authority)

Taxi services are available when you leave Reagan National Airport. The service is carried out according to the first-come, first-served principle. Taxidrivers are licenced, receive security checks and have been trained in service. DCA taxi dispatcher is available at the taxi ranks provided to make sure you come into contact with a taxi.

At Terminal A, go through the exits at the luggage reclaim area and turn right. Coming from terminals B and C, go to the lower floor of the luggage area. The taxi services are clearly identified. The taxi operator permit and licence are clearly visible. Price list published by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission.

Taxis shipped at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport must have and use taximeters. Check out the Reagan National Airport taxi schedules. For taxi prices to the airport, please contact your taxi driver. Uniform taxi centres are available to answer all passengers' queries and help disabled travellers choose a taxi suitable for wheelchairs.

In case a taxi suitable for wheelchairs is not available within the dispatching system, a taxi suitable for wheelchairs will be called. Disabled persons are asked to call the taxi centre 24 hrs in advance via 703-417-4333 to make provisions to make sure that these facilities are available when needed. When you have questions or comments about your taxi service, please send the taxi operator's authorization number with a copy of your receipts along with the appropriate information and phone number for the day:

Please call (703) 417-0981 for more information about the taxi service. You can send us your Reagan National Airport comments using our comments page.

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