Book my Air Ticket

Booking my flight ticket

online-booking A. A copy of the voucher should have been sent to the e-mail box you provided when making the reservation. Verify that the e-mail has not reached your spam mail inbox. Alternatively, you can click on the "My Bookings" button in your account to review your reservation information, verify that the ticket has been made and that you have typed the right e-mail number.

Q. Is it possible to verify that the ticket was paid for successfully? It is also possible to login and see the state of your reservation on the "My reservation" page or see your reservation as a visitor. Q. What are the limitations on purchasing a ticket on the Internet? C. It is possible to make an on-line reservation for all departures up to 2 hrs before the planned flight date.

It is possible to book on line for any flights, with a planned take-off up to 330 flights in the near-term. Q. How do I maintain my accounts and my private information? In order to administer your user ID and your data in your user ID, you can login with your frequent flyer number and your login name.

We store your personally identifiable information, your payment information, and your preferred trips in your profiles so that you do not have to provide this information each login to make a reservation on the site. Your data can be edited on your accounts page. It is possible to see and change your profiles data via the "Profile" register-page.

When you are not yet registered, you will be asked for your login information. Profiles are part of the details: Q. How can I see my travel data on-line? If you are a frequent flyer member, you can see your past and present travel information on the My Booking page when you sign in to your affiliate accounts.

If you are a visitor, you can click the "Find bookings" button and use the "Show reservation as guest" button to display your latest vacant trip information. Q. Why didn't I get my reservation acknowledgement via text message? I. A. Transmission of acknowledge ment text message is only sent if you have checked the Sending acknowledgement text message boxes during the reservation procedure.

Q. May I book a tour with more than one goal? Using this feature, you can also book a stop-over for a roundtrip trip by recording each stage of the journey individually with the desired data. To book a stop in Delhi on the way from London to Mumbai, for example, type "London" and "Delhi" in the first field, then "Delhi" and "Mumbai" in the second.

This feature also allows you to book a trip that begins in one town and ends in another after you have passed one or more towns in between. Q. How can I book a one-way round trip? Activate the "One way" checkbox on the "Book online" page for one-way trips.

You use the "Return" selection pushbutton to book round trips. Q. I can see a lower ticket price than the one I was paying for, why? The refund of the ticket price can not be handled. This is also the case if the price shown is higher than the price you pay.

If you do not make any changes to your date of departure, we will not charge the differential fares. Only if the date of the trip is modified and the valid rate for the date transferred is higher than the amount you pay will the differential be debited. Q. Are additional charges and tax charges added to the prices displayed on-line?

Q. My reservation credentials and name have been added to the View Booking as Guest but I cannot see my reservation.   A. Verify that you have typed in the proper Reservation Ref. Number (sometimes referred to as PNR) and the precise name of at least one traveler as they appear on their passports.

Q. What can I do to verify the airspeed? Q. Can I use my ticket in part and request a reimbursement for a non sequential order ticket section? e.g. for an issue ticket London Delhi Amritsar Delhi Delhi Delhi, I do not want London Delhi Amritsar or Delhi Amritsar or Delhi Amritsar or Delhi Amritsar Delhi, Can I request a partial or full reimbursement for the non-used area?

A. The trip must be carried out in the order in which the ticket is issued. If, for any reasons, no stopover is made and you wish to proceed with the remaining/further trip, the Ticket must be re-issued with any applicable Price/Tax Difference/Change Charge in advance of the planned date of take-off of the flight(s).

There may be no reimbursement value for the unexploited sectors if the passengers continue to ride in the order of the ticket in which the ride is interrupted. Before making any changes, please contact our offices for more information. Q. Can a person traveling alone in a wheelchair ride with a baby or with a baby?

a. A minor under 5 years of age may not use a single wheelchair/disabled person.b. Such a minor under 5 years of age must be escorted by an extra hostess.c. A minor over 5 years of age using a single wheelchair/disabled person must be considered an unaccompanied minor and must be cared for accordingly.

A. As soon as you have made your reservations on-line, you can use the "My Booking" section to change or delete your reservations for completely unused ticket only. Requests for change/cancellation for postings made on-line are handled electronically by the Web based transaction engine. All refunds due will be made through the system in accordance with the change and cancelation policy in force.

If the booking is changed, the price of the booking may be different from the price on the date the booking was changed and there may be a charge for the changes. However, any extra charge or price differential for the amended booking may be settled by one of the above methods of payments, but it is advised that you use the same method of payment/card as for the initial booking.

However, please be aware that a change or cancelation of a reservation via the Call Center/Reservation Bureau or a partial use cannot be changed or deleted on-line. Another on-line change or reversal of a PNR where more than one person is enrolled will change or reversal of all enrolled persons and is not possible to reverse a person from a PNR where more than one person is enrolled.

Please also call our Call Centre for all return postings, as this cannot be done on-line. If you have any questions regarding the on-line reservation / non-receipt of the reimbursement. Refunds of Ticket purchases made via credit/debit will only be made in accordance with the credit/debit reimbursement process. Notice that the cancelation and reimbursement policy is different for different ticket categories and is shown on the Select page in the Show Ticket Policy page of the Flight and Ticket Options page.

Refunds for ticket purchases will be made exclusively through the ticket issuance point. Refunds of a ticket made out by a travel agency will only be handled by the travel agency that makes it out. It is not possible to book your ticket on-line with your open ticket. Fees are contained in the fees shown to you in the Change/Cancellation Policies shown in the Tariff Policies of the view.

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