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Male-City Taxi Service - Male Forum Hello, I will arrive in Male City around 3:00 in the morning. Would I be able to get a taxi from the footbridge of Male City so early in the evening to get to my guesthouse? Accommodation is very expensive, so I like to take my own taxi to the accommodation. In your other threads you mentioned Maafushi - is this where you are when you talk about high transfers?

Your other string already seems to tell you that the least expensive way to get to Maafushi is by Maafushi and that this Male/Villingili will be left every morning around 3 p.m. except Friday when there are no locally based boats. There' no cabs you can call to get you to Maafushi.

Considering your arriving times, it seems that you have 3 options: - Stick up/take the boat and then take the boat; use the guesthouse's high-speed boat service, which is costly, unless you can find someone who wants to go at the same trip and split the costs - if so, try Facebook; try to put your data here in the transfer hotel, but it will still cause costs.

I' ll go to Maafushi the next morning, but I' ll spend the next overnight in Male City -- the transfers are from the airports to Male City, and the Male City hotels charges $10 per capita as transfers. You think it's a better option to spend the nights in Hulhumale instead of Male City because I'll be there at 2am in the morning at midnight. personal... I'd be paying for whatever's the most comfy and quickest way to get to a cosy berth. You'll be seriously concerned about a $20 fee?

If I can get my own taxi under $5, why pay $20 for transfers? In April I spent a Hulhumale overnight at Le Vieux Nice Inn. Transfers were part of the room price, but we booked through a British agency. On the hotel's website I noted that they charge $20 per drop.

However, the landlord said that Hulhumale does not allow the use of taxi.

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