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Canberra Maxi Cabin

Reservation of a punctual cab. The evening before my scheduled journey I reserved a cab with cabinxpress for 6 o'clock in the morning. Owner said he'd be there on schedule. Shortly when I phoned at 6:05 the operators said that you were in the line, no ata. This is a regular check-in and if not, what is a good cab call that comes when it should?

Taxis Tariff Information

Max. taxis that can be calculated are set by the Minister of Transport Canberra and the municipalities. As a rule, top prices are set as a consequence of a verification and price-related orientation presented by the sector and verified on the management's instructions by an external adviser.

You will find the latest prices in the section Road Traffic (Public Transport) Max. Tariffs for Destination of Taxi Service 2015 (No. 1).

Taxis, Limousines & Buses in the Southern Highlands

There is a proud history of delivering secure, dependable and outstanding service around the clock, 7 nights a week. Our service is always available to you. There are also two new chauffeured BMW sedans and a new Mercedes-Benz Valente 7 person deluxe car. We have an approximate pick-up of taxis in less than 6 min, so you will be collected and shipped to your final destinations in the shortest possible timeframe.

Accompany us on fantastic journeys through the beautiful landscape of the Southern Highlands, country estates and vineyards. No matter your needs and your budgets, rely on Southern Highlands taxis, limousines and buses to coordinate all your honeymoon packages, from classy chauffeured new BMW limousines and a new Mercedes-Benz Valente 7-seater luxurious car for the celebration to our new luxurious 33-seater bus for your guest.

No matter what the reasons, we can provide preferential fares to make the trip worth it! Southern Highlands Taxi Service understands the needs of the handicapped and the older people. Round-the-clock access to our wheelchair-accessible cabs is provided by our especially skilled and authorized staff, all of whom are fitted with the latest shipping and security equipment.

It is a great way to spend the evening and for groups we provide long haul specials for excursions from the southern Highlands. No matter if it's an Sydney or a sports show outside the county, there's no better way than with one of our Toyota Maxi Cabs.

Simple in appearance, our Ford Fairlane Ghia's deluxe limousines are the perfect choice for long-distance journeys or this particular excursion. Perfect for this particular excursion with marriages, airport-transfer, long haul or just a trip through the Southern Highlands. We have added our nice new BMW limousines to our range, but they are only for demanding customers!

Also we have a new Mercedes-Benz Valente 7-seater deluxe car. Perfect for sightseeing tours, wedding parties, air port-transfers, long haul excursions or just a trip through the Southern Highlands. At Laurie Stewart Automotive we have one of the best equiped garages in the Southern Highlands with experts for all vehicle brands.

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