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All right, so pack your bags and let's go! 108 Flights to Venice, Italy (VCE) Be vigilant when falling from Frankfurt to Venice. Receive a notification when rates fall. Rates are quoted on round trips with return between 1-21 workingdays after departure. Tickets are subject to rapid changes and cannot be guarantee.

Marco Polo Airport is situated on the peninsula of Italy, about 8 kilometres from Venice.

There are 69 non-stop connections to Venice and about 53 flights to Venice run outside the town. You can find the latest airfares to Venice on-line from all parts of the globe and cheap flights to Venice are always on sale. The flights to Venice will be even more comfortable for tourist as new commercial centres and meeting places are being built at Marco Polo Airport Venice.

It is possible to travel from the Venice International Airports to the centre of Venice by ferry, rail, taxi or ATVO-coach. Venice's least expensive means of travel is the Waterbus or Caporetto, which runs along the Grand canal and serves the major channel, the island and the region around the lake. Since Venice is a seaside town, it is reserved for walkers and all means of travel take you only to the entry of the town.

Apart from shipping, it's up to you to go where you want to go. You cannot go to this old town without visiting at least one of the renowned arts galleries. The Museo del 700 Veneziano is considered one of the most important Venetian museum. It' re definitely a good idea to fly to Venice to see this old temple.

Walk from St. Mark's Square to the Rialto Bridge to discover the story of many ancient Venice landmarks. Enjoy the tranquillity of this town on the sea while driving on the Canal Grande. Strolling through the backyards of the old town at dark is also a lot of pleasure.

Venezia is a haven for buyers looking for everything from fashions to vintage items. Nightclubs are not very much loved in Venice, but near St. Mark's Square you can savour the Martini scale life music, where dinner is available until 2:00. The Marco Polo is the nearest large Venice International Airfield.

There are currently 88 carriers operating from Marco Polo Airport. The Marco Polo Airport provides direct flights to 99 towns. At least 296 flights a week leave Marco Polo Airport for home flights and 976 for overseas flights.

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