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Cabs, Accrington, Great Britain. homepage 2 week before to get an offer of 40 from Barley Village to Heysham Port, which I thought was very sensible. The driver shows up 10 minutes too late and his first questions were, "Where's Heysham?" Driving detail was so clear on his cell so sure he could have worked it out before he picked me up!

Trying to tell where Heysham was, the rider didn't even know where Lancaster was, it was a lost bat! It worked out from the number of miles that the trip was supposed to be £50 - I declined as I had already been called £40 twice, pointing out that they were promoting Accrington at Liverpool John Lennon Aiport for £40 and this is a longer trip.

Compromising ourselves, he took me to Manchester Road railway terminal, from where I took a rail and reached the boat in 15 minutes. This trip was £10 even though it was 7 on the way out (which, according to the first rider, was too inexpensive even though it was offered at his offices in Burnley!).

I received my email receipts telling me that the trip was £7 in pay me in advance, so I have no clue where the other £3 went! Because of my two trips, the riders know the area outside the capitals very poorly and there is a serious discrepancy between the rates offered by their offices and the riders' expectations.

Riders are expecting you to negotiate for them and suggest a price! In the end of each trip they ask if you were cited ( then they say it's too cheap!) or ask what you last used! Most of them, I don't think, are real licensees.

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