Pco Licence Online Application Form

Online Pco license application form

You can download a copy of this application package. Exactly what is included in the PCO license application? License Application Forms Download a copy of this application package. Exactly what is contained in the PCO license application? Topographical Skills Information Sheet - This gives you information about the topographical skills you need to take and withstand.

SWV/203 - PCO licence application. This option can be used to submit your application form and other related documentation, guidelines for conducting the Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) (formerly known as the CRB Audit) audit with TMGCRB.

A photocopy of your most recent DPLA or EEA licence and the British equivalent, if you have one.

Applications for the extension of drivers with privat landlords | Application for a cab or privat rental licence

We welcome you to our new page "Renewal of privat drivers". Describes our new application procedure dated 9 April 2018 and is aimed at clients who currently own a Reigate & Banstead BC Driving License. Below you will find the application procedure, which is divided into an easy-to-understand 6-step procedure.

It is strongly recommended that you review and comply with all the information on this page before continuing with your application. On our license pages you will find all the information you need for your application. In order to extend your license, you need a clear alpha-numeric key that looks similar to e.g. NJT0LWMV0K890.

In case you do not have such license in a current e-mail from the license staff, please call the license number 01737 276672 and we will make this license available to you so that you can continue with your license extension. At least 3 month before the expiration date, you can extend your license and use your license key.

Please see and comprehend our''Who can request a license? Website and other pertinent license websites. To help our clients, we have published comprehensive information about the license procedure, our charges, our policies and terms on our websites. Before renewing your driver's license, we strongly recommend that all riders review and fully comprehend our license web pages that are applicable to your application.

If you are satisfied that you are still complying with our license terms as described on our "Who can request a license page" page and would like to extend it, please go to Level 2. Before starting your application, make sure that you have the necessary information, documentation and means of payments. Step 3 is to submit your online registration and pay us via a web form hosted by a business name Idox.

Remember that there is no way to partially store your application, so make sure you have enough elapsed working hours to fill in your application - 30 mins should be enough. The following documents must be at your disposal before you can start your application. I have a DVLA driver's license.

Online means of paying by direct debiting or direct debiting cards (with the cardholder's consent if it is not your card). Information on road traffic law infringements, if any, e.g. what it was, when it was and what points/fines were obtained, etc. Information about penal sentences (or other crimes as described in our conviction policy), if any, e.g. what the crime was, date and result, etc.

Know any illnesses that may impair your fitness to ride in accordance with DVLA Group 2 regulations, e.g. the illness and any medications you are taking, etc. Application guidance documentation - to help you with the application procedure, we have created a practical application guide that includes a walk-through screen-by-screen image of the online application proces.

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with this paper before applying for Level 3. To extend your license, you need a clear alpha-numeric key that looks similar to NJT0LWMV0K890. In case you do not have such license in a current e-mail from the license staff, please call the license number 01737 276672 and we will make this license available to you so that you can continue with your license extension.

Make sure that you have reviewed steps 1 and 2 above and that you are familiar with the contents of our license web pages that may be applicable to your application. If you are convinced that you still qualify for an extension as a licenced individual hirer with this authority, click the orange icon below to submit your extension request.

The application form is intended for renewal and not for new riders. Once you have sent in your application, you will be sent a verification e-mail. In order to advance your license application, please read the following instructions and the Important Information on Your Application Process icon below. Please be aware that as part of your application you must provide a photo of yourself, either in electronic or paper form, and this photo will be used on your driver's identity card.

Extension of a 1-year license? Your driver's license can still be renewed every year up to the point where you have to retake your DBS/DVLA exams with a validity of 3 years. You no longer have an application form for renewals every year, but you must file your health record in good time before the license expires, e.g. two month in advance and call to cover the 95 pound charge.

A copy of your doctor's reports can be sent either by e-mail or to our front desk during opening times. It is recommended that you keep a copy of the medicine for your own reference. If your DBS/DVLA is due, you must request and purchase a three-year license online and provide an annual health record as before.

When everything is in order, we will provide you with your license with an expiration date that coincides with the expiration date of Group 2 Health. Every second and third year, you must submit a new health record in good time before your license expires.

Once we have established that the health care is satisfying, we will provide you with a new card with a new expiration date for another year. This information paper (link below) will explain how to perform your advanced DBS and DVLA online search using step-by-step procedures. You should use this guide along with the directions on the above web page links to help you finish your search.

The DBS Update Service - we can only accepted this if you have already payed for it and the certification is for an extended DBS where the "position requested" is "other workers" AND "taxi/private driver". Because we need to see the orginal copy of the certificates, we suggest you take it with you to one of our Drop In Sessions.

Please note: You must obey the directions in the above documentation to make sure that we get the proper extended DBS checks. Once after 1 December 2016 we must review this (and again for those who have restricted permits to reside in the UK and work until they can prove that they are authorised to stay in the UK indefinitely).

Have we not yet seen your initial right to edit documents, you must take it to a Drop In Session, Tuesday 10:00 to 11:00 or Thursday 14:00 to 15:00 (except December 24 to the first business of the new year), see Drop In Sessions for more information.

It is only necessary if you are over 45 years of age at the date of your replacement or if you are compelled to submit a health certificate due to a state of health that may impair your fitness to drive. Reigate & Banstead BC will only accept a Reigate & Banstead BC Health Care Statement that has been fully filled in by a general practitioner of the doctor's office where you are registered:

You may be charged by your physician for the costs of filling out the health record. It must be filled out completely and has to be marked, autographed and date by the family physician. Failure to fully answer a question or omit information and tick a box may cause your application to be delayed and you may need to return to your family physician.

Please make sure that your doctor's note is fully filled in before you submit a copy and thoroughly review the form's directions. When an illness is diagnosed, please make sure that this is fully described in Section 8 of the Health Care Review and that the field in Section 9 is filled in by your family doctor.

It is not necessary to delay a meeting when a patient drops a paper, just to make a copy of your medication available. A copy of your doctor's certificate can be presented, but you must retain the source documents for the period of your registration. When you send us the source copy of the review, we suggest that you take a copy with you as we will not send it back and it may be lost.

During the application procedure and for the entire period of your licence, the Licensing Authority reserves the right to require that the Authority at any point during the application procedure, inspect the same. It is your responsibility as a licence owner to notify us if you are under care or have an illness that may adversely affect your security as a driving instructor now or in the near term.

We kindly ask you to send us written information and to provide us with supportive doctor's report / letter. As soon as all requests have been processed and we have convinced ourselves that you are a suitable candidate to obtain a personal driving licence from this authority, we will complete your application. Once the administrative process has been finished, we can generate your license and your tag.

The time required for this process depends on the number of applicants, so we are not able to give an exact time. We will send your driver's license and your Badge to the email we have stored in your driver's record. It is strongly recommended that our chauffeurs record their expiration date in their telephones, calendar, etc. upon receiving their driver's license.

You are responsible as a licenced individual rental operator to make sure that your present driver's license is correct and that any request for extension is made in good order.

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