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PCO-License Topographical Skills Training and Education, Walk-in Service, Guaranteed Pass! Drivers & vehicles for rent Rental of a personal driving licence entitles the holders of such licences to the lawful carriage of persons making a payment (hire and reward) if the travel has been booked in advance. Must be registered as a privately rented car and reservations must be made by an authorised privately owned lessor.

Each of the three driving licence types (driver, lorry and operator) shall be held by the same approval body. Prerequisites for application: Candidates must be 21 years of age or older. It will then be forwarded to the licence coordinator so that a ruling can be made in accordance with the Slough Borough Council's Directive on Law enforcement. Fill in the following form and send it together with all necessary documents (in person) to the approval authority:

The DBS Forms are available from the licensees. A DBS Offenlegungszertifikat is effective 28 business days from the date of issuance. The Slough County Council will not be provided with a copy of the DBS certification and it is the applicant's sole authority to make sure that the initial certification is submitted to the Approval Authority within 28 DA.

Failure to submit the DBS Public Driving License within 28 business day will result in the issuance of the DBS Rental License and a new one. Claimants must use the DVLA verification codes to verify the state of their DVLA driving licence. Documents required: Confirmation of addresses (e.g. electricity bill / account statements within the last three months).

For information about drivers' trainings please contact the licensees. Course to secure education is posted at an applicant's time. Candidates may be invited to take an oral test in one of the following languages. For more information, please contact the license group.

Local Council reading

From now on we are offering a consulting services for clients who want to submit a rental /hackney car or transportation license request for the first and foremost. Advance notification (application forms and documentation only) for 95 - we will advise you and make sure that all the necessary procedures for making an appointment are carried out.

Advance notification and operator site visit/vehicle check (application forms, documentation and 1 hr visit) for 144 - the above mentioned services together with one operator site visit/vehicle check for one hr. In order to be able to drive taxis, managerial vehicles or buses, both the drivers and the vehicles require a current driver's license.

Fill out a company complaints formOpen a new page if you have a complaints about a cab or transportation car - give as many details about the car as you can. When this is your first time using the software, please contact us and we will provide you with an information package and, if applicable, a registration number.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your car is inspected by an authorized inspection body. Then you can fill out an Open new Window on-line driving licence registration card or open a copy of the driving licence registration form[217kb]New Windows and take it, all the receipts (originals) and the charge to the municipality.

Because we can only approve certain cars, you should verify that your car conforms to our specifications[68kb]Opens a new page. Driving licenses last 12 moths - you must re-apply for them at least four week before your license expires. The number of Hackney Carriage licenses in the district is limited and we are currently working at full load.

In the event that your registered car is the subject of an incident that affects the security, efficiency or looks of the car, you must notify us within 72hrs. When your car has a mechanic defect, i.e. you have to hire a temporarily car, you have to inform us.

When you request the initial registration of a car as a substitute car, you must complete the registration procedure described above. After completion, the provisional registration number will be replaced by the number plates of the defective vehicles. Reimbursement of up to six month's license may be requested once the defective car has been serviced and you have surrendered the provisional license number.

As an alternative, we can put the temp sheet on standby until you need it again for another broken car. A £45 will be charged when this happens (not the first application). As soon as the defective car has been serviced, please call 0118 937373762 to request an official license inspector.

You must return the provisional license number to us in replacement for the fixed license number. Obligations of the driver while travelling in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle: to transport the person in the chair in return for which no supplementary charges shall be levied; if the person decides to be seated in a front passenger chair, to transport the chair; to take the necessary measures to guarantee that the person is transported safely and appropriately; assisting passengers to get into or out of the chair; the driver may not levy any supplementary charges for the carriage of a person in the chair.

Operators must not operate the measuring device until the user is fully laden and securely fastened. Fill out an request for driver's license[220kb]Open new windows and bringing along, receipts (originals) and the tax to the citizen offices. Driving licences are subject to different requirements depending on the kind of licence you are seeking:

If you violate any law or the license terms, we may terminate or rescind your license or direct you to the Licensing Applications Committee. In 2018, the securing of the education should become obligatory for the issuance of all driving licenses for personal rental cars and hackney coach vehicles and should entail a surcharge.

Fill out the Driving Licence Request Form[315kb]Opens a new browser window if you are planning to run a cab or transportation service. For more information, see our General Terms and Conditions for Privat Landlords[240kb]Open new Window and Conditions for Schultransport [83kb]Open new Fenster. Driver and vehicle must also be licenced.

We will have a consultative phase before your request goes to the licensing committee. They may work only after receipt of your license. This license is valid for one year and you must re-apply at least six week before your license expires. You are an established landlord who wants to begin operating transportation equipment for schools, and:

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