Cheap Charter Plane Prices

Low charter aircraft prices

Grab first class flights and how you can fly first class for little money. Costa Rica charter airlines Thirty minutes of flying can cut six or eight hour's time in comparison to traffic on the road. Are charter aircraft costly? Five of us walked across the Osa Penninsula and spend about $400 (total cost of the entire plane) flying from Carate to Drake Bay, while one of the passengers went on to Puerto Jimenez.

Initially it seemed expensive for a 22-minute ride, but after checking all the available choices, we determined it was the most sensible one. Floor transfers would have included a collection lorry from Carate to Jimenez (2 hrs, $15 per person), buses or taxis to Rincon (1 hrs and $2 or $18 per person) and eventually a collection lorry from Rincon to Drake (2 hrs, $18 per person).

Put it all together and factor in the minimal wait to make the connection, and it would have been at least seven hour and it would have taken between $200 and $255 to do it locally by local transport. A different would have been a personal transport (basically a long haul SAV cab ride), typical at about $2.00 per km in remote areas.

It was 116 km or $232 plus up to $75 for the driver's one-way fare to get home to Puerto Jimenez for a whopping $300. Driving takes about 4-5 hrs. Because of the enormous breakers, it is not possible for a boat to reach nearby because of the enormous breakers, so this was not an optional extra, although from other places along the coastline (e.g. Sirena River Stations ) a Lankah could be the best choice.

It was still the most costly aircraft to buy, but it's as much as possible enjoyable to see apes out of the windows as it shakes on a jagged Costarican street, it gets old after six or seven ours. Thought that the saving of your precious valuable $15-30 per additional adult is just great.

As charter prices are determined by the plane load, the most important consideration when considering costs is how many people will share the aircraft. While we had the bushwater plane loaded with full power when we crossed the Osa, other aircraft on other voyages have different size and abilities.

In general, if there are one or two persons, it will be very costly, three or four persons will start to make it sensible and five to eight travellers may find it just as cheap or even less so than the Ground or Scheduled flight options. The number of aerodromes where charter services can be operated is about twice as high as the number of aerodromes and runways operated by commercially operated services, so there may be one near the destination.

Carate and Drake, as described above, are an exceptional journey. As a rule, you will not be saving eight to eighteen hour by traveling, as most favorite holiday resorts have a sensible floor, a small craft, a regular air carrier or even a horse charter all of which are much less expensive than a charter. There would be an enormous complexity in listing all possible outward and return journeys and the most economical and time-efficient route between them.

With a well designed gear shift you can keep your foot on the floor, your transfers will be done in a timely manner and your cost will be low. Carate and Drake's seven-hour estimation for the collection options between Carate and Drake is bullish, even if you get going in the mornings, as all three shipments (except the cab that takes off as soon as you spot one) only run a few runs a day.

Our plan was to get out of the car around 4pm and the trip to Drake isn't something you want to do so realistic in the darkness that we'd have to stay the whole Puerto Jiménez trip by putting in another $100 or so in addition to the costs (for a few cheap rooms ) and make the whole trip around 18hrs.

We five of us were able to make $400 for a 22-minute charter trip and it would have been great to take air photos of Corcovado National Park and the Osa coastline when the Pacific Ocean sunk. The prices are per aircraft cargo for charter.

Capacity varies between 4 and 24 and prices for home departures between 240 and 3,600 US dollars, based on plane, weekday and season. A flight costs between $60 and over $1,000 per capita with an avarage cost of about $240 per capita when the plane is reasonably full - for example, 7-8 persons in an 8-person plane.

However, not all companies/aircraft operate all routes, so please check with the suppliers below for details and prices before trying to determine if a charter will work for you. When you are a small group, begin with Air Taxi Alfa Romeo as you have 4 aircrafts at your disposal.

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