Minicab Operator Licence

Operator license Minicab

Everyone who wants to accept private rental bookings must be licensed as a private landlord. Licence type - Small & Default To make reservations or rent a driver, you need a PCO operator licence, this could be a Minicab on the main road, or if you offer a one-man driver services, no matter how you need to be authorised. We have two kinds of operator licenses and you have to choose which one suits you best:

Small " operator licence - This may only have a maximally two privately rented cars, which can be used at the same times. Operator licence "Standard" - You can have any number of privately rented cars on one licence "Standard". As soon as you have chosen which best fits you and received your licence, there is no way to modify it without going through the whole recruitment procedure, so remember what your intentions are for the next 5 years and whether you are considering extending your company.

There is only one thing that makes a big difference among these applications: a "standard" licence is twice as expensive as a "small" licence. Candidates must demonstrate that they are a "suitable and correct" individual by filling out the PHV 103 Personal Declaration Form, in which they demonstrate that they have met other statutory management reporting obligations.

It will ask you about past sentences, if you have ever been found insolvent, etc., but please make sure you fill out the correct information, as incorrect information can also result in the revocation of your licence and court action against you. What does the PCO operator licence charge?

Overall licensing costs depend on the kind of licence you are applying for with the "Standard" licence, which is twice as high as the "Small" licence. Please submit these charges in a lump sum with your request and please be aware that the request charge cannot be refunded in either case, so if your operator licence request is denied, you will only get back the granting of the licence charge.

Where can I request an operator license? You will find all necessary information for your job interview below for download: Complete and complete PHV/101 registration request document. Complete and complete statement format (PHV/103) for each individual mentioned on the request from.

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