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Flying electrically powered model aircraft; convert from glow / IC power; construction techniques; download free software. Wellcome to the website of Electric Flight in Australia.

Electric Fly House

This page presents large electric airplanes, has many free blueprints, covers many interesting construction issues and offers schematics and tips for rechargeable battery packs. In the past, electrical systems were hard; today we are faced with the agony of choosing brush-less engines and lithic liquids. Have a look at how I Fly Electric....

18g Demoiselle slowly flyin' airfoil for cheap wireless equipment. Primarily for indoor use, but fly in a very gentle wind. Probably my most used one. Turn a low-cost collet umbrella into an electric one and fly in any kind of weathers. 36 " wings for CDRom and small caps. BOUNCE Great 3-D design with 605 mm (24") wings.

The EPP is more resistant and easier than Depron, so try it. Developed for CD-Rom engines, it weights less than 6oz. Well, I don't think you'll be dissapointed with this one! Breathtaking 3-D design inspired by ultra-modern ULTIMATE. The smaller 200 square meters in the CDRom engine size and 6.5oz weigh. The MUMBO MINOR Living 3-D-Modell. 30 " wings, Depron design, 6-7oz mass, >12oz push with CD-Rom engine.

And all this and you still get 8-10 minutes flight with 3x340 LiPol-Accus. The WHOOSH Really impressing power for a 7. 5oz (214g) scale aircraft and I think this aircraft has great potentials. Developed for two GWS duct ventilator unit, Depron design and 27. The ANDNOW is probably an in-door classics and still one of the best styles to begin with.

Weighs only 170g (6oz), but is flying well, although a little harder. Slowfly, Park and Indoor are popular notions for this kind of winch, but this winch uses 10 knots and is very resistant. This semiscaled de-pron can make almost sparkling roll at launch and controls the breeze better than the And_Now below.

Full aerobatics 6. 186g (5oz) scale aircraft (lighter with 2 servos). Butterfley is the radiating power of lightweight construction patterns. Developed for indoor use, but also for a slight outdoor breez. Over 300 of the world's biggest electrically operated vehicles; the only Internet listing of its kind. I start my listing at 6' (1. 8m) and go up to 34' (10m) spans and 44lb (20kg) weights!

Li-ion battery, which makes them tinkling, snorting and puffing. If you want to see a power-to-weight ration of more than 2:1 with easy modifications or challenging processing tasks with more sophisticated engines. When your needs are easy, you can very well convert a low cost column bit into a milling machine.

Electrical airplanes are often much more lightweight than their incandescent/IC equivalents, despite the battery weights. Only electricians can switch off and re-start the engine to minimize vibrations during shooting. David Theunissen, a convert hot air pilots, who has a love for electric airplanes, provides you with this page.

Electrical energy is a convenient substitute for the IC and has become one for me. Voluntarily, I switched to electricity, although I still had some very good light bulbs at that point.

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