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He drives a cab and drives around. A taxi drives or a standard that you decide. Airport taxi and van service. From San Martin Port to Lima. AXI REAL LAKE, West Valley City.

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Taxicab portrayed Jafar Panahi, the film' s filmmaker, as he walks the roads of Tehran claiming to be a common taxi rider. Among his early passenger list are a man of conservation who endorses the death penalty and a female who endorses its elimination, a robbed salesman called Omid who once loaned Panahi movies abroad, an wounded man and his spouse who both demand to record a last will because of their fear, and a couple of old superstitious ladies who want to let their goldfish go to a sacred well.

Finally Panahi collects his nun Hana at her scool. Discussing making a movie, she wants Panahi's suggestions for making a shortfilm for a schoolship; her instructor has talked about several cinematic art regulations in Iran, among them the prevention of sihamayi, or the depiction of a black picture of the Iran.

Hana's schoolteacher also said that humans should make movies at their own discretion. They stop near a coffee house where Panahi is meeting a buddy he hasn't seen in 7 years. Hana filmed a case of her own when she discovers a young man stealing cash from a few newly wed couples and refusing to give it back.

Panahi and Hana eventually get together with Nasrin Sotoudeh, a woman advocate for humanitarian law, who sees the detained Ghoncheh Ghavami and possibly wants to persuade her to give up her starvation strikes. As she adjusts her chair, Hana trips over a handbag that belongs to one of the old ladies with the goldfish. Solloudeh chooses to go aboriginal so that Panahi can indefinite quantity the wallet, but not before he's assumption him a roses as a acknowledgment for producer.

Hanahi and Panahi go to the sources and can give the wallet back; at the same moment some robbers plunder the taxi before the movie breaks down. Launched in Italy on 27 August 2015, the movie took 9th place and made 124,280 dollars out of 41 canvases.

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