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Website that plans your multi-city trips with just a few clicks. Find great value Kiwi flight deals with

Having found it early in the year, I now always make bookings for one purpose and one only: to make sure I get the most out of my flights: They' re just so much less expensive than air fares elsewhere. So just to validate, this reviews is NOT a sponsorship contribution and I haven't received any compensation from them for posting this item, I just think they are fantastic!

HOWE does provide such low cost services? uses an innovative algorithms that summarizes the information and flight offers provided on all airlines' web pages and flight comparison pages, showing you all your itineraries and not just a choice. Kiwi lines are sometimes so inexpensive because the powerplant blends flight lines that are usually not marketed together - for example Emirates and Air Asia or Ryanair and British Airways.

They would never find this on airline sites, and other comparison sites don't go as far as to combine itineraries. Probably the most original and definitely a life saver for backpackers and those who have a little bit of leeway in their itineraries.

With the Kiwi. com radius utility you can create a small circular image on the card (also very sweet and funny!) around the area you want to visit and then display the cost of your flight to different towns within your dream area. Even though it's not mandatory, you can also create a radial arc around your flight origin - useful if you're not near a major international hub and want to see which fares are the best without doing more than one search like Netflights or Skyscanner.

Hint: To use the radii utility, move the chart to the area you want, click the right mouse button and choose either "fly from here" or "fly here" as needed. offers a "anywhere" utility that lets you see all the itineraries that start from your nearest Kiwi International office. It is possible to choose the best, the most favourite and the best one.

Being a price-conscious traveller or packer is really great because you can be sure you will find the absolutely best flight from where you are (and it's a cute little extra bit of incentive that will suggest goals that you may not have thought about before!

Honestly, this isn't the most original thing Kiwi has to offer, as several comparison sites now have similar features, but it's still quite useful, and being able to use the chart to scroll around and see what's available is a neat bonus. Similar to the Radius utility, Kiwis County Finder is very useful because it shows you the best point of access in your target city.

So let's say you have three free week and want to go through China, you can just enter "China" in the destination box, which shows us that Shanghai will be the best place to be. And Kiwi allows you to be unbelievably versatile with your searching data.

So if you know that you want to make a Tokyo flight this year, but you're not sure exactly when, and your schedules are a little bit different, you can look for "Anytime", which will show you the overall best cheap Tokyo flight from your specified Tokyo airports all year round.

Similarly, you can enter the location to which you wish to go and then click on "Date range" to browse the next six month calendars showing the lowest fare for each date. When you' re plotting an adventurous trip that requires you to take multiple planes, you can schedule them all with Kiwis Multi-City Time.

It is truly inter-active and allows you to experiment with data and destinations to determine the best total distance. Hearing that the flight paths provided by are not your usual routings and are often the product of a combination of single flight, you may wonder fully be concerned about what happens if your flight is cancelled/delayed or you miss a flight link.

Kiwi. guarantees that if you miss a flight and are beached somewhere for the above mentioned or any other reason beyond your reasonable control, they will arrange for you to be on the soonest possible flight free of charge and will offer you catering and accommodation if you are late for an extensive stay.

At the last moment, when I had a request about a flight I took from Bulgaria and organized via, I arrived at Kiwi via Twitter and got an immediate answer. What you should keep in mind when you fly with kiwi: Since some of the air travel on Kiwiare consists of travel with more than one air company or unusual itineraries, there are some extra things you should consider when making a reservation.

Travellers travelling internationally usually don't need a ticket if they're only travelling via an airline terminal, but keep in mind that many of's itineraries are the product of two distinct combination departures, and if your luggage isn't screened to your ultimate destinations, you'll need to re-check it at the gateway terminal - something that asks you to leave the gateway area of the terminal to receive luggage.

Most of the airline companies that offer in's ultra low cost quotes are not bells and whistles budgeting airline companies, which means that the stated fare is usually for your airplane seats, and a carry-on pocket, and does not contain hold baggage so verify this before you go. Hopefully you will find this Kiwi Flight Checkers reviews useful, and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my passion for this searching machine as a means of booking low cost airfare!

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