Airbus car

bus car

Contrary to most flying cars it is a car and a drone that is attached to it. The new Airbus design is a car, a UAV and a platoon in one. The Airbus has just launched a new concept Car-and-Drone concept named Pop.Up. It' not even the first car ever advertised at the Geneva Motor Show.

But this year the car is the UAV. And in the amazing Airbus tomorrows, you can switch smoothly from the car to the airborne car and exercise without having to lift your ass off your seats.

It is a small, smart car-sized solid-state vehicle (or "passenger capsule", as Airbus puts it) that can be used in several means of transport. Viewed above, the conceptional videotape shows a female calling the self-propelled car to her home. This leads them to a multi-storey car park, where a huge quad copter picks up the pod to take them the remainder of the way to their target.

We also see later in the tape a series of capsule encapsulated in a kind of pull (or hyperloop). In theory, the entire system is driven by artifical intelligentsia, which Airbus says will provide a "seamless journey experience" by avoiding traffic jams. Italdesign, an Italy-based company that developed serial vehicles such as the Volkswagen Golf and scores of concept car designs for BMW, Alfa Romeo and others.

This is a nice concept that is more likely to appear in a videogame before it ever becomes real. No wonder Airbus has not promised a timeframe for the proposed work.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Airbus presents concepts for a floating car

Italdesign and Airbus have announced their intention to help urban residents bridge the gap with a car that is partly a car, partly a UAV and partly a car. It' called the conceptual car, known as the pop. There is a "passenger capsule" that can be detached from a mobile basis. In the event of the car getting bogged down in a jam, the car would come loose from its wheel before it was taken up by a single engine pack and put into the air.

Airbus, who came up with the idea together with Italdesign, thinks that the car could be a useful way to relieve congestion in congested and overcrowded towns. "Mathias Thomsen, General Manager of Airbus, said: "It connects soil and atmosphere and provides travellers with a smooth and quicker route from A to B2 across the canopy.

For us, the grid-like street design does not really do it, and we think that by the combination of soil and wind we will achieve a much better use of the land in our city. "â??Both firms forecast that the car will be part of a driver access system. Travelers would schedule their travel and make their travel booking via an application, with the system proposing the best transportation option either on land or at sea.

Assuming the preferential transportation mode is flying, the pod would detach from the floor unit and be supported by an airline unit driven by eight counter-rotating rotor blades. It is intended that the car will function independently in the atmosphere. As soon as the passenger reaches their final destinations, the base and floor panels and the capsules automatically revert to the appropriate charging station to await their next customer.

It comes shortly after Airbus announced that it plans to test its own private planes by the end of the year to reduce congestion on inner-city highways. Jörg Astalosch, CEO of Italdesign, is convinced that the Pop Up car is a look into the road ahead where "the conventional car cannot be the only solution".

"Today, cars are part of a much broader ecosystem: if you want to create the city car of the city of the tomorrow, the conventional car alone cannot be the answer to megacities," he said. "Over the next few years, land transport will move to the next stage, from the common, interconnected and independent to the third, multi-modal world.

" The Airbus and Italdesign announcements seem to back last year's traffic planner Paul Priestman's forecast that drone vehicles will be the way forward for passengers. This I think will be really interesting - it could be the beginning of personalized shipping. Over the years, Airbus has submitted a number of exceptional patent applications.

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