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Business jet, private jet or Bizjet is a jet aircraft designed to transport small groups of people. The Rolls-Royce Phantom is a modern private jet for the road. The world' s 5 most luxury private aircraft Private jet aviation is still a rare and privileged experience - granted by chosen civil servants, mighty business people, prominent people and incredible riches. Strangely, albeit more slowly, the private jet sector is also experiencing a boom, especially in China, which has become the world's largest private jet user, and Nigeria, the rapidly expanding city.

This is a listing of the 5 most luxury private jet in the world: The Bombardier Global 7000 was developed "from the inside out, with the requirements of the cab that meets the specification of the airframe", and sets the limits for the design and manufacture of modern private aircraft. Ready for journeys that take you around the entire planet, with a minimal environmental footprint of Mach 0.85 at over 15,500m altitude, it is set to offer travellers the Ultimate Flight Adventure.

There are 4 different areas in the cabin: a kitchen-inspired pantry with a small strategic conference room, a dining/community area with 10 seats, a stylishly decorated entertainment/office area and bedrooms modelled on a main dorm. Boeing Business Jet 3 (BBJ3) is the result of a Boeing and General Electric partnership to build the perfect high-performance jet.

With the new CFM Leap 1B engine reaching a top velocity of Mach 0.87, the 737-900 powered airplane has an unbelievably roomy cab capable of carrying 8 occupants (although with a max seating of 60 occupants) with the utmost convenience and sophistication.

The G-550 is regarded as the world' s finest ultra-long-range commercial jet and is more than a Gulfstream flag ship. Capable of flying from New York to Tokyo under the harshest operating environments, this private jet achieves a 99.9% shipping dependability rating from the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), averaged over one failed journey in five years of seniority.

Rolls-Royce's 2 G-550 power units offer more power than any other in their class, reaching Mach 0.885 speed and over 15,500 metres of cruising area. There is also unbelievable versatility, with over 12 select cabins for 16 guests, with a sleeping space of 8 people. Fitted with 14 Gulfstream elliptical panorama stars that showed large quantities of naturally occurring lighting in the unbelievably silent cabins (thanks to the aircraft's sophisticated acoustic technology).

If smaller private planes just do not meet the needs of the most affluent airplane owner, airliners are the best option, especially for those traveling with large groups of individuals or their family. Boeing has had 217 private civil orders since 1996. Generally known as " The Jumbo Jet ", the 747 is the biggest Boeing airplane available for private sale and customization, and is the option for some of the most wealthy and mighty in the globe, such as the Sultan of Brunei and the President of the United States of America (Air Force 1).

Featuring 8 twin bed capacities, a private bath and dressing room, as well as many meetings and conferences areas, the Boeing 747, with over 430 sqm in area, offers customers enormous planning and outfitting options to suit all their needs. Reaching a top velocity of Mach 0.86, with a cruising distance of 17 150 km, the plane is able to cross the Atlantic twice - from London to New York.

Airbus A380, currently the world's biggest airliner, can also be bought for private use at a high cost. It sets the standards for aeronautics, also has the longest reach and is the quickest on our roster, with the ability to travel 17 250 km at Mach 0.89 speeds.

However, the stunning jet has been conceived for 4 luxurious suite rooms with king-size berths, a praying room, a Turkish bath (hammam), a wellness area, a concerts room and, last but not least, a large conference room. In the lower half of the plane there was also enough room for a car park, which was suitable for the Prince's Rolls Royce.

While it is not yet known who the purchaser of the jet is or whether there will be more purchasers in the near term, the Airbus A380 is regarded as the culmination of modern business aviation offering the most roomy and luxury jet on the private jet world.

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