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Commercial aviation and excellence. Creating corporate value with business jets. The top 10 leading companies in European business aviation

Headquartered in the UK, the airline has more than 50 aircrafts under its belt, over 300 employees and operations in the UK, Nigeria, Malta, Kazakhstan and South Africa. Our administered fleets cover the entire business aviation market from ultra-long-haul to boarding. "It is not my intent to have the largest fleets, but the most lucrative and well-managed business.

Normally we are adding five to six planes a year, so I would like the number of planes in the portfolio to increase to 60-70 in the next few years," says Dryden, who own 40% of the listed group. In February 2013, Gerrit Basson, who is acting CEO for the ExecuJet Group, assumed the position of CEO for the Group' s operations in Europe.

ExecuJet's European operated European fleets, most of which consist of wide-body long-haul jets, are at 50 and more. Most of the navy is under full administration. ExecuJet's ExecuJet chart business has seen significant FBO and hourly rate increases in recent years. Launched in 2009, the business now has 650 employees in three Basel hangers and a further four in Istanbul, Turkey.

" AMAC's first finished plane was an Airbus A320ACJ for a sovereign of the Near East. It has 130 planes in its continental fleets and currently has around 1,300 members, divided between partial ownership and map product. Wilson, formerly COO of NetJets Europe, became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group in January 2013.

It is located at the company's head office in Portugal. Two Bombardier Globals 6000 are in operation at NetJets, two more are due this year as the airline progressively expands its deployment. "The planes are fully geared to our fractionated markets. A beauty of the break is that the customer can buy the appropriate part - some folks have taken an above-average share of these planes because they have realized that the plane is truly globally and they plan to be flying a good deal in it.

" Mr Wilson explained that each plane is supposed to operate at around 800 hrs per year, with owner ownership generally at around 100 hrs per year, which is one quaver per plane. The Gama Group began operating in 1983 with a Beech Baron and since then has been a key business aviation actor with 80 planes in its family.

Employing 400 people at its 25 locations, the business is a global leader in its field. Khalek was one of the group' s founding members and still has a lot of ambitions for the group. "It is our policy to be active in this business in the long term. "The 1,600 square metre Shanghaiangar will accommodate the King Air plane of Scottish Air Ambulance and contribute to the expansion of the company's basic and scheduled servicing capability.

The London Airport Aviation Authority (LEA) was established in 1996 with a one-engined airplane. It now has 26 aircrafts in its portfolio and is one of the biggest European Airport Executives Operating and Chartering airlines. LEA's legacies portfolio has mainly been growing through recommendations between owners. "We are certainly the biggest heritage provider in Europe and I estimate we will be the first point of contact for those who have an airplane to look after," Margetson-Rushmore said.

Embraer also provides receiving and supply services for Embraer product lines, such as Phenom 100, Phenom 300 and Legacys, some of which are now operated by LEA. "Growing and expanding, we are interested in taking care of large wide-body jets. There are a number of companies on the mainland that focus on this area, but our mission is still to keep the expansion of airplane models from small to large.

We are certainly not going away from small fleets," said Margetson-Rushmore. The Marshall Aeroospace and Defence Group is one of the oldest aviation and space companies in Europe with a 104-year old tradition. In March 2013 FlairJet, the Oxford domiciled airplane managment and charters firm, was taken over and FlairJet has now merged its activities with Marshall Executive Aviation.

"Marshall Executive Aviation's financials are already showing a drastic increase in our prior year results and we expect to see an increase of at least 0.5 million by the end of this year. We are not excluding further acquisition if that leads us quickly into our fleets growing, and that could be done this year," says Jones, who is also General Manager of Cambridge International Airports and manages all civil aviation for the Marshall Group.

Former Formula 1 racing champion Thierry Boutsen founded Boutsen Aviation as a part-time business in 1997 and took full advantage of it in 2000. Boutsen, Monaco, has so far 261 airplanes on sale and a turnover of 1.2 billion dollars. The Swiss VistaJet has been claiming for years to be the worldwide leader in growth of privately held airlines with the biggest 100% non-American merchant fleets.

Thomas Flohr created VistaJet in 2004 to look at the break pattern. "We' ve torn open all the old convention and developed a groundbreaking business paradigm that focuses entirely on our customers. And then we put our money into the biggest private air transport outside America. For many years, the enterprise has recorded annual sales increases of 20-25%.

"Flohr's simplicity of business means that the whole business is available to all clients - with 24-hour guarantee of uptime - and offers a truly worldwide coverage with no position costs," says Flohr. Flohr's policy of directly connecting new trading lanes around the world with long-haul airliners has proven successful, resulting in the company's biggest ever order to Bombardier in November last year for US$7.8 billion of 56 fixed and 86 optional planes for Bombardier's worldwide jetliners.

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