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The Jay Jay Jay the Jet Plane is an American children's television series based on the fictional Tarrytown Airport. A children's series about the adventures of a blue jet plane and its friends. The Jay Jay Jay jet plane The Jay Jay Jay the Jet Plane is an US children's TV show set at the fictitious Tarrytown Airport. There are 73 animated sequences and the show focuses on a group of planes living in the fictitious Tarrytown. Usually, the sequences are divided into 25-minute (like without advertising) couples, with a head ending and an end ending for each couple.

David and Deborah Michel's original episode is meant to be instructive and give kids (and sometimes parents) lives and morals lesson. At the end of 1994, the AMS Production Company in Dallas, Texas, was producing a brief lived actions episode with true modeling aircraft character and hand-made motion graphics that did not speak, but had the same personality as the later episode.

Like the first eleven season, this fancy set was told by Thomas & Friends or Theodore Tugboat. Those three were referred to as 'zero series'. November 2, 1998 saw the premiere of the CGI/Live-Series action show as part of the Ready Set Learn on The Learning Channel. After Bergman's untimely passing in 1999, Dee Dee Dee Green took over the part of Jay Jay Jay without any new roles being spoken of.

Lernkanal deleted the show on March 14, 2000. June 11, 2001 all PBS Kids started to broadcast live on PBS Kids; the end credits change, and more movies were produced in 2001-2005. With Tommy Nelson, the children's department of Thomas Nelson, an extra distributor was added, although the show is not obviously "Christian".

Dubbing artist Mary Kay Bergman provided the originals of Jay Jay, Herky, Savannah and Revvin Evan. Dee Dee Dee Green and Donna Cherry took her place after her deaths. The year 2005 saw the production of new stories with further personalities, among them the Lina-plane. Every happening begins with a Jay Jay's Mysteries section in which Jay Jay and Lina investigate things that may be mysterious to the target audience, such as how airplanes are flown and how the five senses are used.

After the mystery section follows a storyline from the show's own stories, the new line re-packages already broadcasted contents. Airplanes and land cars are computer -generated intelligence (CGI) character while human beings are real people. Relational words for the aircraft character refers to the presence in local parents for the purpose of parenting and training, not to biologic parenting.

History has it that (some) of the aircraft figures were made in mills. Several of the tales describe actors as off-screen action that would require folding limbs (e.g. Big Jake dig holes), but these limbs are never seen on the monitor. He' the hero and lead actor in the show.

Initially uttered by Mary Kay Bergman, then after her demise Dee Dee Dee Green replaces her. Talked by Gina Ribisi and later Marie Danielle. Episodic consistence (which varies by order) has one story that says he's no further from Tarrytown than Littlening Bow Lake, but other stories show him fly much further; in "Catch the Buzz" Snuffy still isn't free of his initial timidity, but in many other stories he shows no signs of timidity.

Talked by Gina Ribisi and later Marie Danielle. He talked to a stutterer in the initial show (Like Looney Tunes and Merrie Melody's character Porky Pig). He throws his "R "s whenever he talks " in the cgi-series and often says stress "he" as long as the vocals are "r" ([??]), e.g. "I'm Herky" as[a?m h????k?], with a powerful high ascending tone on the last "-y".

Expressed by Mary Kay Bergman, and after her decease by Donna Cherry replaces Cherry. Now it is uttered by Keith Wickham. By Chuck Morgan and later by Michael Donovan. Expressed by Mary Kay Bergman, and after her decease by Donna Cherry replaces Cherry. By Chuck Morgan and later by Michael Donovan. Expressed by Mary Kay Bergman, and after her decease by Donna Cherry replaces Cherry.

Talked by Gina Ribisi and later Marie Danielle. Responsible for the aerodrome and is the technician. It does not use the aerodrome turret, but instead interacts with the aircraft via a mobile two-way communication system from the floor. Mrs. Blue: is Brenda Blue's mom, who sometimes travels to Tarrytown International Park.

Occasionally other humans appear. The Tarrytown Airport is operated by a small company named E.Z. Airlines. At Tarrytown Airport Jay Jay and his boyfriends and Brenda Blue work. Sometimes the airplanes roll on the roads of the city. Aeroplanes were computer modelled in Maya and owned by the company.

Aeroplane motion was captured by using wooden model aircraft with magnetically positioned transducers. Aeroplanes had a switcher to facilitate landings and taxiings, as the positional information of the magnet is slightly variable. Faces of the levels and lips synchronisation were performed by face-tracing, a technology in which reflecting dots are placed on the face of a dubbing speaker.

Liveaboard plane. Fire-fighting plane. It has been broadcasted through many of the 379 member PBS Kids locations in the United States. Often in overseas editions of the show the humans character is substituted by different people. Oddly enough, the Jay Jay Jay the Jet Plane in Ireland uses mainly non-native Belfast cast (although some smaller parts are performed by Gaeltacht mother tongue actors).

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