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Our services are provided to first-class taxis in the greater Sydney area. We are Sydney's professional maxi taxi service with wheelchair access and baby capsules. Price per meter, Standard-Taxis, Premium-Taxis. Get Premier Cabs and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Vehicles without a meter are generally not considered taxis and can be described as rental cars, limousines, car pools, etc.


Premier taxis. Maxi taxis.

The total amount of roads, bridges, ferries, tunnels and airports taxes applicable to the trip. More than 150% of the total cost of the flight (excluding tolls) may be calculated if: 100 per cent of the rent ceiling payed by the lessee - even if the lessee requests the lessee to allow other travellers to divide the taxi or to travel to other places before going to the lessee's final point.

JT's Fährservice, Maxi's Taxi, Bale's Einschienenbahn and more information.....

The Daily Mail reports that Kompany holds one-third of Elite Limousines VIP Protection Service Ltd, which provides City and United service. - Maxi Rodriguez from Liverpool operates under the Maxi's Taxis brand and operates a privately owned car rental business for four-seater and five-seater Hackney vehicles, rented by Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere Rovers gamers.

Maxi, who accepts reservations himself and arranges shipping from a leased Old Swan based agency, provides quick pick-up and drop-off within the Merseyside region. One of the Argentinian's high-calibre customers is teammate Luis Suarez, who uses Maxi's taxis when he runs his large store in 'thee Asda' on Breck Road.

  • During his eight years with Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas established a mini cab imperium in North London which is listed with Companies House as Fab's Cabs'. Spaniards' taxi drivers take the postal codes 1 to 22 and offer Arsenal and Tottenham gamers a "very dependable and reasonably priced service". After Fabregas had departed the Gunners to drive to Barcelona in August (in one of his limousines to Heathrow), his substitute Mikel Arteta was collected by Fab's Cabs before he was taken to London Colney to get a doctor.
  • Chelsea and England captain John Terry collects fluffy Thames side flats for his fellow Blue Club members by providing riverside transportation with his own Terry's Ferries boats. Terry's Ferries depart hourly between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday (10am and 4pm Sundays) from Chelsea Harbour Pier and make a furious deal with Chelsea's overseas celebrities and those of neighbouring Fulham and Queens Park Rangers.

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