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Show your membership card at check-in. or. CeLankan Airlines is a member of the oneworld airline alliance. The Bandaranaike International Airport has received self-service check-in kiosks courtesy of SriLankan Airlines, saving passengers time. Key information about SriLankan Airlines (IATA code UL) at Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD):

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In order to make an enquiry about an already booked accommodation, please fill in the following information and click on "Get now". Allows you to view your trip information, update a reservation with your miles, make or modify applications, and modify certain service options. The check-in desks at our airport are closed 01 hours before your flight.

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The SriLankan Airlines Group launches self-service check-in terminals.

The SriLankan airline has selected Bandaranaike International, the country's biggest international airline, to launch its self-service check-in terminals. According to the flag ship airline, travellers can check in at the newsstand just by typing in their ticketing numbers, a reservation credential, FlySmiles member numbers or the bar code on their tickets. Not only will the newsstands operate Sri Lanka, but also other selected airline companies, and if the system is struggling passenger services, the employees will never be far away to help them.

"We consider this a remarkable step in our plan for the coming years to put SriLankan Airlines in a meaningful place, along with our plan to join the on-eworld tour alliance," said Nishantha Wickramasinghe, Chairman of SriLankan Airlines. As well as reducing the amount of check-in times, customers can also modify their seating reservations at the newsstands and even have their own on-board card printed on request.

Sri Lanka Airlines - Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD)

Arrival terminal: CeLankan Airlines uses O'Hare Airport 5 Terminal 5. Occasionally this machine may be changed. Departure terminal: CeLankan Airlines uses O'Hare Airport 5 as terminal 5. Occasionally this machine may be changed. To check in for your Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD) trip, go to the departure point of your trip or obey the directions on your ticketing.

There are no services provided by this carrier, all services are codeshare services provided by the following carriers:

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