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Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and ratings about Charter Trading Corporation in Clear Lake Shores, TX. Evaluations by Charter Trading Corp. employees about Charter Trading Corp. culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more.

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Charters can quickly and effectively utilize unique qualified and dedicated team resources to offer CPI, CRS, IT and telecommunications services at a wide range of OCONUS Sites. Charter is proud to announce the formation of our new Charter Chemical Company business, serving both business and public customers. Charter's office repair work in Clear Lake Shores, Texas has been finished and the site is fully functional again.

New subcontract for technical assistance to Charter from USOUTHCOM in Latin America.

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Vet Business Owner: Join over 31,000 other companies priding themselves on owning vets, serving staff, reserve staff, disabled vets and army husbands! Retrieve your company's FREE business profiles and be seen by million of vets, governments, prime and subcontractors, business procurement divisions, and everyday users supporting companies held by those who pride themselves on serving our great country!

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Working in an aquatorial area, in a military/professional setting, where studying was a constant everyday challenge, since the client missions and supports were the work number. Our managers and employees have always been courteous, professionals and down-to-earth. What was most pleasant about the work was to connect every day with all employees and the community in a welcoming, supportive working atmosphere, to successfully accomplish the missions and to live among the community in an internationally oriented world.

Topical surroundings, new products and a secure workplace.

The DoD Contractor Charter Trading to implement IronClad's ICEmicro for International Security

HOUSTON-- (BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 25, 2018--IronClad Encryption Corporation (the "Company" or "IronClad") (OTCQB: IRNC), a next-generation enterprise providing security for IT asset management and communication in a variety of sectors and technology, today announces that it has signed an alliance with Charter Trading Corporation ("Charter") to enable Charter to use IronClad's IronClad technology to deliver IronClad's IronClad encryption technology from its Texas head office to its facilities.

The use of ICEmicro within Charter's system is a crucial part of Charter's Charter processes to ensure adherence to the safety checks in Special Publication 800-171 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). As part of this arrangement, Charter IronClad pays IronClad each month for the use of its products and related tech supports.

arter Trading provides engineering assistance and qualified staff for US Army missions around the globe and various multinational companies. His staff provides on-site leadership, oversight, communications, computer, messaging, information technology (IT) and telecommunications assistance, as well as battlefields. In its 30-year track record, Charter Trading has assisted companies in the United States, North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, North America and the Pacific.

Charter Trading has worked as a sub-contractor for various corporations since 1989, such as Harris, L3 Technologies, Peraton, Dyncorp International, Loral Hughes Corporation, UltiSat and AT&T. Among its clients are the German Air Force (12AF), AT&T, Cable & Wireless Communications, the Missile Defence Authority, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Exxon, Hondutel, Nokia Siemens, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, SOUTHCOM and the US Army South (USARSO).

On the charter trade: Since 1987 Charter Trading has been supporting Krieger and is a service-disabled veterinary enterprise and small certificated enterprise. They specialize in supplying high quality IT and communication equipment installation, operation and maintenance support crews to U.S. armed forces agencies involved in drug countermeasures, counterinsurgency response and emergency response in difficult settings.

Through IronClad Incryption Corporation: The Ironclad Enterprise Enterprise Security (OTCQB: IRNC) is an X-generation enterprise that protects the security of critical information across a broad array of industry sectors and technology. The IronClad Encryption-based solution leverages our proprietary Dynamic Encryption and Perpetual Authentication technology to make all known key-based cryptographic technology practically inviolable.

The Dynamic encryption technology removes weaknesses arising from the disclosure of a unique cryptographic code by continually switching cryptographic keys and keeps the keys in sync in a fail-safe way. The Perpetual Authentication Technology uses a number of cryptographic paths so that if one path is affected, the other paths retain cryptographic continuity.

Taken together, these techniques not only solve the issue of solving the point of failures caused by keys being compromised by the use of forced or side channels or other forms of attacks, but also by very low levels of system activity due to low levels of system delay and overheads. Developers, MSPs, Microsoft Windows Server Server (MSSP) and IT organisations can now simply and efficiently incorporate highly secured authentification and cryptographic capabilities across virtually any media.

IronClad Encryption keeps your information private, protected, and uncompromising in sleep or on the move.

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