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You need a Chicago American cab? Uber what? Uber what? It distinguishes itself from other taxi or privately owned rentals in that it easily compiles driver and customer according to locations and needs. The fare is determined by the user's smart phone, which tracks the departure and arrival points as well as the travel times.

Further benefits are the fact that the users pay via the application, so no money is needed.

How can I use Uber? It is available in the UK in Leeds, London and Manchester. They can also collect a Uber vehicle from Dublin. In order to divide the trip, just select Split Fare from the Apple application drop down list when you are on your way. If we use Uber in London, we can say that in general it is great and sometimes very well used.

However, it is certainly the case to say that Uber is a bright concept, and if you use the application to mark a taxi, you get one. To be honest, because it has disturbed the taxi and personal rental industry, which has so far remained largely unaffected by the powers of the web.

London taxi riders held a string of protests against Über in the sommer of 2014. In order to be a registered taxi operator in most towns, you must be fully inspected. As you know, in London you have to do "knowledge". Über riders don't have to do any of that. Protecting the skilled and licenced taxi operator in any UK town means that only he can collect tariffs from the road.

This is the discrepancy between a taxi and a personal rental car, also known as a mini cab. However, with Uber the main price is not only one metre - only under the supervision of passengers and Uber - but you can also mark one off the road.

There is no need to reserve a Uber cabin in advanced, just call for a taxi when you are ready to drive. Several cases have been reported of over-drivers acting poorly, even attacking a passenger (see over, to intensify the investigation after supposed Delhi-raping, over has been prohibited in Spain and over showsdown in Portland for examples).

Earlier this August, in an August 2016 Bloomberg interviewer, Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick said that he should begin this week with unmanned vehicles in the town of Pittsburgh. Über riders are the most evident.

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