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or at travel agencies such as Orbitz, Travelocity or Expedia. This website is full of practical tips on these and other travel topics. The best multi-city booking page? - Forum Fodor's Travel Conversation Forum

The best multi-city booking page? I am planing a holiday for families in Europe this coming summers, which I would like to make as soon as possible. I have never been on a multi-city tour before and need tips on which side is best - kayaking, because I can directly make a booking with any carrier or site such as One Travel, Expedia, etc....

My suggestion is that you try to book directly on an air carrier's website. Seems like when folks have trouble with tickets that have been posted on third-party websites, like the one you mentioned, the carrier says they should take it up with the third part website, and this website says the carrier should help.

There is no question who should help if you make a direct reservation. From time to time the use of Orbitz or similar offers good routes (mostly when city couples are not well serviced by the same airlines). However, I almost always reserve my open pines directly from the airline companies. United is a good choice if you are a Star Alliance, as you can specify your reservation class, which is very convenient.

Cheapo's website is simple to use and the airline companies have been able to check my luggage without any problems, which could be more unpleasant if I bought the ticket separately. I have the feeling that airline companies usually restrict stops to a few short flights; look at this. With a simple plane ride from home to New York, you can do better.

However, the next route would be what used to be referred to as open-air, but is more often referred to as multi-target. They are both the same; you are flying from New York to Amsterdam, but you are returning from where you arrive at home. I' m not going to be flying on cheap carriers in Europe.

Your rates are low, but your supplements are violent. Kayaking seems to have great prizes, but found that the costs will rise once I am on the air carrier website. Also I like to use http://matrix.itasoftware. com to research travel routes and then make reservations with the carrier. I never use Multi-City on third parties' or airlines' web sites individually because the rates for the unheard are limitless.

Travel agencies are used and the cost reductions are high.

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