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Uber intensifies its relationship with Toyota by changing its driverless strategy. Since launching a self-propelled automotive programme in 2015, SAN FRANCISCO has been insisting on the development of its own automated guided vehicle system and the operation of its own vehicle pool. Now, the ride-hauling business is beginning to move away from its own strategic direction. About receives a new $500 million from Toyota that would estimate the company's $76 billion capital outlay, so a someone who was informed about the business was not entitled to talk in public.

Uber intends with this move to make its self-propelled technologies available to a Toyota minivan fleets that can be run by the Japan car manufacturer or a third parties, the company said in a common statement. Toyota's Guardian security system will also be installed on the aircraft and users will be picked up via Uber's driver access area.

Enterprises expect a piloting programme to be launched by 2021. "Commenting on the announcement, Shigeki Tomoyama, Toyota Motor's senior VP, said, "This deal and our investments mark an important landmark in our transition to a transportation business as we help find a way to safely and securely expand transportation offerings such as carpools that include Toyota cars and technology.

Ever since Dara Khosrowshahi became managing director of Uber last year, the company's self-drive programme has been in a state of change, and Uber's managers are split over whether to want to run the firm or keep it. The development and operation of automated guided vehicles is costly, and Mr. Khosrowshahi has tried to reduce the cost in the enterprise in order to bring Uber to the stock market by the end of 2019.

In March, a self-propelled Uber car hit and destroyed a foot in Arizona, causing the firm to stop its tests there. However, by working with Toyota, Uber can continue to test its unmanned driver in cars without the cost and effort of running a complete race and running the whole business from top to bottom.

At present Uber has a considerable number of Volvo vehicles equipped with its self-propelled technolog. Self-propelled programme still undergoes extensive road test after deadly accident, although Pittsburgh still carries out restricted tests of autonomic vehicles. "With the passage of our lives, Uber will move from the Volvo franchise where we own and operate our own fleets to this type of relationship where Uber is the supplier of technology," Mr. Miller said.

Über is currently conducting experiments with several other commercial vehicle technologies, among them an arrangement with the automobile manufacturer Daimler. Although the contract is not exclusively valid and Daimler can also supply its own trucks to other manufacturers, Daimler is currently working on the development of its own self-propelled vehicle for use in the Uber-Ride-Hailing area. Uber's test of a partnering model emulates a policy that Lyft, a competing rides supplier, also pursues.

Several self-propelled technologies firms have worked with Lyft, among them an independent development company, Aptiv, to run a small self-propelled BMW family in Las Vegas. It has also worked with automotive OEMs such as Ford and General Motors to design and test automotive autonomy and technologies, as well as the incorporation of self-propelled cars into the Lyft Riding Hauling ecosystem.

In the past, Toyota and Uber have worked together. Toyota presented a new unmanned motor car at the CES International Technological Fair in January and said that Uber would be one of its partner companies alongside Amazon and Pizza Hut. A previous release of this paper, using information from Uber, incorrectly stated the rating of the rides.

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