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I and my fiancé are planning to travel to Tobago for December and wanted to ask how much we can expect for the hiring of a taxi driver to drive us around. The open season begins for taxi operators to opt for a digital meter platform. cab transport The Capitol Cab Company, a Transco, Inc. affiliate, has upgraded all cars to the new taximeter as requested by the Department of For Hire Vehicles DFHV. The Capitol Cab Company was certified as a DGS by the DFHV on September 1, 2017.

The Capitol Cab Company will soon offer vibrant prices ranging from 10 to 30 per cent off the price of our compact counters.

The Capitol Cab Company is the only DTS certified for a variety of instruments, the DFHV and Verifone series. Drivers can choose one of the two counters, all DTS chauffeur agreements are for one year and prices per weekly period vary between $8 and $20 per weeks according to the system and option used.

Taxi Transportation Company Accounts give your company or organisation preferential entry to our taxi services. Their Taxi Transportation company accounts will give you full details of your trip costs and trip notes, please click below for a postponed settlement arrangement. Available taxis are ADA conform and are suitable for full size electric chairs and full size electric rollers.

Additionally, we have restricted accessibility facilities that can accept oversized chairs, such as one with additional adaptable gear, as long as sufficient load carrying capability is achieved. Travellers can order a barrier-free taxi by phoning 202-398-0500 or on-line 24 hours/7 days via our website, selecting a taxi suitable for disabled persons or ordering a taxi.

It is recommended that you reserve your barrier-free taxi at least one full hour ahead of schedule as a restricted number of these special equipment cars may be available at the desired times. Prices for the barrier-free taxi are the same as for the conventional taxi there. The Capitol Cab, as a beneficiary of government grants, complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its modifications.

Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, no individual in the United States shall be barred from participating in a programme or action that receives funding from the Confederation, shall be barred from benefiting or shall be subject to any form of discrimination based on race, colour or nationality.

The Capitol Cab undertakes to enforce the terms of Title VI and to take positively and realistically affirmatively steps to protect the right and opportunity of all individuals affected by its programmes.

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