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The cheapest own jet

What billionaires don't own private jets? And so we set our own agenda. However, JetSmarter's own suppliers seem to contradict this claim. However, JetSmarter's own suppliers seem to contradict this claim. Here are the specifications of ten prominent jets.

Top 10 of the best 10 in the world

Twenty-first hundred, there's fighting fighters, and then there's fighting fighters. Then, like the US Lockheed Martin Administration (NYSE:LMT), you can commission the F-22 Raptor Camouflage Hunter to create and construct an F-22 Raptor - regarded as the world's most powerful aerial warplane. Obviously, if you shorten your run before the efficiency of economies of scales begins, the aircraft end up costsing $412 million a piece.

As an alternative, with the same amount of cash, you can buy a whole fistful of Boeing's (NYSE:BA) perfect F/A-18 or F-15 combat aircraft of the 4th class, sold for about $100 million each.

Fishbed Chengdu J-7 (no longer in production) His first performance at number 10 in this year's Flightglobal Insight "World Air Forces 2015" review has the J-7 China warplane. Nevertheless, 418 aircraft are still in use, giving the aircraft a 3% worldwide fleet position. A year ago, 460 units were in use around the world.

Today, everyone still flies, including the F-7 with a 3%hare. The Northrop Grumman F-5 Tiger -- Listed price: 20 million to 25 million dollars (estimated) After two dozen retirement years last year, only 468 Northrop F-5 Tigers still fly. This aircraft is no longer in operation, but will retain a 3%hare.

It seems to be almost as loved as the warthog. At 506 aeroplanes still in use, it also has a 3%hare. Once one of the most beloved fighters in the entire globe, it is no longer in operation and the number of MiG-21s in operation is continuing to decrease. MiG-21 still has a 5%hare.

Adding up all his "twins" - the J-7s and F-7s still in China - there would be 1,546 MiG-21 doppelgangers in use, and their shares would be doubled. MiG-29 Fulcrum -- Listed price: $40 million Moscow's most modern MiG has reduced its 5% aircraft to 793.

The Boeing F-15 Eagle -- Schedule Price: 100 million dollars Lost more and more multinational combat aircraft contests due to a mix of high costs and low camouflage, the Boeing F-15 fell this year by one level in the ranking and now ranks 4th on the Flightglobal schedule. The F-15 is bound to the F-15 with 11 fewer aircraft in use ( now a combined 854 ) and a world wide fleet of 6%.

Su-27 Sukhoi Flanker -- Listed price: $22 million Russia's most beloved combat aircraft, the Su-27 Flanker, resumed its flight this year - and one of the reasons may be its low costs. The base flanker and its Su-30, -33 and -35 cockins achieved a world wide engine rank of 6% with two places compared to fifth place in the previous year, with 874 aircraft in use.

Boeing's F-18 also maintains its No. 2 ranking in the aircraft sector and has a 7% worldwide penetration in its many heterations. By 2015, the number of F-18 combat aircraft in the world's armed services had grown to 1,046. The F-16, with 2,242 aircraft in operation, remains the world's most beloved combat aircraft and accounts for 15% of the world's armed force.

So why is this important for defence industrialists? As more aircraft a firm constructs and markets, the wider the basis on which it can distribute research and develop ment expenses and the less it can calculate per aircraft. And the lower the price, the less expensive the aircraft.

In addition, the less expensive the aeroplane, the simpler it is to increase sales and further increase your overall sales position. However, the airplane that Lockheed is hoping will succeed the F-16, the F-35 camouflage hunter, will cost more than three time as much as an F-16. Will Lockheed Martin be able to assert its dominant position in terms of worldwide markets given the much lower cost of Russian and Chinese combat jet offers?

Certainly, if everything goes as planed and Lockheed Martin manages to resell more than 3,000 of its F-35 over the next 60 years, the aircraft's present high rate plate could earn a great deal of Lockheed money. If Lockheed doesn't resell them quickly enough and lowers the prize quickly enough to draw shoppers, then this top 10 ranking of the world's most beloved fighters will one of these days look quite different.

Lockheed Martin will look much less lucrative.

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