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The ComfortDelGro Corporation is a multinational land transportation company based in Singapore. Delgro Comfort - Taxi Booking Application Holding a trademark in their hands, it was timely to further develop the idea and create a landing page that combined Comfort's distinctive image with the mass of information needed by taxi bookers. Following an exhaustive investigation phase, we eventually came up with a slim colour range and made the booking procedure easier.

Generating one's own unique identities, distinguishing oneself from other competition. Our approach was to integrate the experiences into the application as a link between two people: the choices were made taking into consideration the rider, the front seat passengers and their link to each other.

Singapore's Comfort teamed up with Ryde to increase taxi reservations.

Made with Sketch.Made with Sketch.Made with Sketch.Made with Sketch.Made with Sketch.Made with Sketch. Singapore- Singapore's biggest taxi operator, ComfortDelGro Taxi, said Thursday that it has declared its willingness to work with Ryde start-up, a step designed to protect its slice of the pie as preferred ride-hauling applications such as Uber and Grab. Ryde's mobile phone app will start booking Comfort's cabs at the end of May.

On Thursday, the two sides agreed on a strategy to enter into a joint venture. Ryde adds the taxi booking function to its Ryde Carpool application. As a result of the agreement, Comfort will have immediate contact with Ryde's 100,000 customers in Singapore. It will give comuters " more choice in booking our taxis," said Ang Wei Neng, chief executive officer of comfortDelGro Taxi, a member of one of the world' s premier urban transit groups, comfortDelGro.

Ryde was established in 2014 by Singapore businessman Terence Zou and is Singapore's most sought-after ride with 30,000 private vehicles today. This connection gives passengers the opportunity to take a taxi "if they can't find a ride," said Zou. Comfort, with a 16,000 taxi hire business, operates its own taxi booking applications that use customer-specific terminal equipment in the vehicles.

However, the entry of Uber und Grab into the merchant has altered the competition environment. Since taxi company-independent driver call and taxi booking applications have taken some of the comfort away, the owner was under increasing strain to check his deal. Comfort launched a fixed-price system in April that offers security to the customer.

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