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We all dream of visiting the South Pacific at some point, but how do we get there? Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) transfer points to Alaska Airlines. Aer Lingus and Alaska Airlines are working together to offer mileage points for their brands.

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Utilize your Alaska Airlines points on Aer Lingus.

Aer Lingus and Alaska Airlines are working together to provide points for their brand. Members of the Alaska Mountaineering Plan can now collect and spend Aer Lingus Air Lingus Air Points, and Aer Lingus AerClub members can also collect and spend Aer Lingus Air Points on Alaska Airlines. From May 18, Aer Lingus currently operates services to Dublin from 13 major destinations in North America, among them Los Angeles, San Francisco and non-stop Seattle.

Dublin has its own US Customs and Border Protection system, so travellers travelling from Dublin to Seattle can be checked for re-entry to the United States without the need for a check on arrival. Mileage Plan members can fly and collect mileage to more than 900 global destination via a global partner ecosystem.

Now you can use Alaska Airline Miles for hotels.

Mileage is one of the most precious airlines program, thanks to its many affiliates. Now they have added a new partner class - Hotel. Now you can use Alaska Airlines to collect or spend hotel mileage. But you probably don't want to cash it that way!

Some of the most rewarding air travel mileages available are Alaska Airlines frequent flyer mileage, thanks to its many airlines partner and extensive reward routeing policy. However, apparently there were many members of the Alaska Airlines Association who asked for the opportunity to use these invaluable Miles in hotels. I' m lucky because I am hoping that many folks will use their frequent flyer mileage this way and avert further downgrades of carrier awards!

At Alaska Airlines, we have extended a Rocketmiles relationship (the website that gives you mileage for your normal room bookings) to both collect and spend your room mileage. You can also combine and balance your frequent flyer and cash points for hotels where you want to use your mileage.

Alaska Airlines offers you greater reductions on the number of mileage miles needed to make hotel reservations if you are an Alaska Airlines holder. A few resorts have "exclusive prices for ticket members" rebates (although this seems to be the main reason why most resorts are looking for me). This means that Alaska cardholders would earn a value of 67 euro cent per mil.

OTHER HERE, if you chose to collect and book through Alaska instead, the above mentioned resort would give you 29,000 Alaska mileage for your sojourn. And for some hoteliers it was even 100,000 points in terms of saving (admittedly, this was a hotelier who wanted over 1 million points for a 5-night stay!).

Whilst I am all for versatility when it comes to using mileage, I have to say that I don't think I would ever use my Alaska mileage to reserve a room. Collect mileage? However, if you don't want to stay with a major hotelier group ( or don't want to get special offers /credits ), you can use the above links to get your own money prizes and collect Alaska mileage for your stay!

Disclaimer - The views express herein are those of the authors alone and not of any banks, cardholders, hotels, airlines or other entities.

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