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License number

License for privately owned landlords The license of a privately owned lessor is necessary for a single individual to be able to accept or load reservations for privately owned rental cars. An individual can be licenced and employ/subcontract an indefinite number of licenced cars. Nevertheless, a licenced lessee cannot take reservations unless he is holding or working for a licenced lessee.

Operators may transfer a reservation to another authorised privately rented car operating company provided that the latter is also authorised by the Council. It is the first time the general public contacts the Carrier and concludes a contractual agreement with him, even if the Carrier does not make the car and/or the chauffeur available.

Prior to issuing an operating licence, the candidate must convince the Council that the appropriate location for the licence is available and, where appropriate, fulfil any condition that may be imposed by the licence so as not to disrupt the area. When you are a car owner, you can work for any current owner.

If, however, you wish to request your own operating permit for rooms used as a reservation point, you will need a Council planning permit to use the property. An attestation of business liability insurance is necessary if the general public is allowed to enter the rooms, e.g. holding room, etc.

If, however, there are no official entrances or holding areas, or if you wish to drive your own car from home, this type of cover is not required. Everyone who applies for an operator's license, who is currently not a car owner or licenced driver, must have a legal declaration filled out by a lawyer.

As soon as your request has been approved and the payment has been made, a license will be granted. It is the authority's responsibility to safeguard the resources it manages and may use the information you provide to prevent and detect frauds.

The Commission may also communicate this information to other entities competent to audit or manage publicly available resources for these ends.

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