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Cab Station - 19 Reviews - Taxis - 40 E Milton Ave, Rahway, NJ - Telephone Number

Yesterday evening we forgot our New York Metro Park flight, but took one to Rahway and thought we'd take a taxi from there to Metro Park." {\pos (192,210)}I phoned Station Cab and spoke to the fellow there who was very kind & said when we came in to just come into her station desk & he would get us a ride.

He was very kind, more than most midnight on a Tuesday, and we had a taxi there within 2mins. He was also very friendly and sympathetic, so it was probably the best driving adventure we ever had. If we miss a train, we can always stop at Rahway to get a good taxi ride.

I was about to go to Mary's graveyard in Clarke to see my parents' tomb. I phoned two other firms even though the taxi was there and waited for the review to be so poor for sc. The others were not available, but I was reluctant to take them.

Well, I have to say that my driving experiance was much better than some of the others I was reading. The chauffeur, John, avoided him and took a whole bunch of additional times to help me find the plotter (which I never did, there are no plates at St. Mary's and no one was there to ask him). So while I'm willing to give the taxi business a good review, st. Mary's gets two-star.

First, to sit in the Station Cab lounge was like to sit in the center of a filthy athtray. On my way to a burial I was right on the train station blocks, but it was really freezing, so I chose to take a taxi. So when I said to the rider that I was going to a mortuary, he asked if it was a boyfriend, if it was a man or a woman, etc., and he said, "I'm going to a mortuary.

The driver spoke too much, cursed several times and narrated to me about how impolite he is to his clients and how he made it his business to look up the coat of a young drunken woman in his vehicle. The driver was too late, unbearable, because he did not accept the route guide fromwaze and hit my baggage on the floor.

Because of NJ travel issues, I had to take a taxi home from Rahway. Says it's $20 and that's what the bureau told me. I' m puzzled and I' m saying that I didn't call an agency. The guy begins to yell at me that there's an agency in the station, I have to get out and so on, even though nobody else is there.

I found the bureau. Others saw me complaining about the evil rider, refusing to go with him. was SO NEICE. Real kind fellow, kind, got me home fast and safe. Fortunately the firm charged a great deal - the ticket price was $20 and probably 12 to 15 w another Co, but I gave a $5 tip anyway I still saw how kind the rider was.

A bad rider, an old man named Mike, asks for someone else. I had a chauffeur who got there on schedule and was very kind. I was told by my very friendly car chauffeur that they allow me to smok in the car. Do not forget to order a non-smoking station. This taxi is not only too expensive, but the taxi riders cigarette in their taxis, the car is filthy and today's taxi operator and many others are impolite.

In order to supplement it up on my $12, 2 miles drive, I was recharged an extra $2. 50 to use my credit cards. Terrible client services. 20 $ trip to the station (25 $ if I use my card) is less than 7 $ with over. A $75-$80 drive to Newark is less than $30 with Uber.

Cabins in stations are amateurish. The Took Station Cab is situated at Rahway station. The dispatching department is easily accessible. The driver seemed to be drowsy or... took me quickly on the quickest way to my motel later in the evening. Cab Station will pick you up 7 nights a week 732 388-2222 Will use it again on the next itinerary.

Nevertheless, the cab came and took me to Rahway station. Every time I call the cab, the guy on the other side of the telephone speaks very rudely to me. It' the only cab company that can accept tickets, so I have to use their services. Yesterday evening, my man and I were on the zebra crossing in Milton at the station.

Whilst on the zebra crossing a friendly chauffeur let us pass while a taxi chauffeur whined on his horns, I hoped he had no ticket. Once we had come over, I gave thanks to the friendly cabbie and put my fingers on the taxi cabbie and he continued yelling at me from the top of his throat.

If I' d got the cab number, I'd have called him in. When using this taxi pick-up and drop off point, ask the taxi driver the fare before getting into the vehicle. because it was in Clark and Cranford as against Rahway.

When I asked what the prize would be, he took his precious moments and gave me an reply. and from Rahway Station for work, until now. It was the 12 April evening when I got off the plane and drove to the station cabin to go home.

Okay great aftersales not only did he have no clue when or if a taxi came, he was impolite beyond that. And then the chauffeur said to me that this was reserved for someone else and that I had to get out. So I asked him how he felt about his client services and if he was doing a good thing.

Angrily I suppose, being in my 20s and talking to him about client services and experiences, he was threatening to "throw you through the damn wall". Where' s the support?

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