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Charter Sales Executive *. Reliable, fast and convincing sales communication by telephone and e-mail with private jet customers, aircraft operators and others. The restoration of this plane requires a pile of money and a pile of burning love. No feeling is the same as that of private jets that are for sale and then end up buying the plane you dreamed of.

Privatjets for sale - Las Vegas

For over 35 years we have been acquiring, running and administering private aircraft. There' s no emotion that corresponds to that of private planes that are for sale and then eventually buy the aircraft you dreamed of. When you are like most people, you have spend weeks, even years, to dream about the ideal private jet and what you would do with it.

They may also come to the conclusion that it is difficult to look at private aircraft for sale. With the right affiliate at your side, however, it can be inspiring and worthwhile looking at private jet sales while you are narrowing down the listing and making the buy. If you are looking at private aircraft for sale, remember that each jet is a sophisticated aircraft designed by a designer for certain kinds of mission.

As private jet owners usually remain with their owners for more than 5 years, it is important to make a sensible choice from all available used and new private jet models for sale. As well as finding the right jet among the many private jet models sold, we provide a complete range of jet engine ownership and operations handling software for you.

When you are looking for private jet for sale, we are prepared to be your reliable ally.

Sale of aircraft sale private jet and aircraft sale

We have been recognized as the Fortune 100 company, multinational corporation, world leader, family and VIP leader in the sporting and entertaining industry for our capability to achieve optimal prices for our customers' airplanes even in a challenging environment. Subsequently, we create a tailor-made airplane marketing package on the basis of our internal analysts' evaluation of the current state of the aviation industry.

Instead, we act as your aerospace strategy advisor who can help you optimise the sale of your aircrafts in line with your company's strategy and goals. Supporting our customers every stage of the airplane selling lifecycle, from managing a sophisticated market and communications programme that can target all prospective purchasers to promptly answering enquiries and qualify prospects.

As we have professional airplane sellers and important business partners around the world, our customers can present their aircrafts to as large a worldwide public as possible. Customers who have listed their airplanes with us immediately recognise our determined dedication and our boundless power to bring their airplane to the top of the qualifying buyer roster.

The most professional promotional material (electronic and printed) and a wide variety of promotional material are available. As soon as you have your airplane registered with us, you will get at every stage of the sale procedure detailled upgrades up to a sound quote. Often we are able to find skilled purchasers for your airplane before we even sell it on the open air at all.

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