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Become the first to know about the aircraft for sale, News & Events. Perform a cost-benefit analysis before you buy a private jet. Would you like to buy a used Business Jet? Since the development of the first airplane it is impossible to get people from the sky. Piaggio Avanti beats medium jets for the price of shorter distances.

When I buy a company aircraft through a real estate agent, what percent or what kind of fee goes to the real estate agent?

It' tied to the plane. A lot of places have a fixed charge for the sale, a listing charge and according to the plane can be $25k-150k. Another commentary, if you are outside air travel that buys and sells (as in you are not a middleman, trader, etc.), and you buy an airplane, and are declared that it is a treaty, and that no one from you is making cash, believe me, someone is making cash from you.

So I see affluent people who rely on their aviators all the while saying that they're doing a "good deal", and now there are three or four intermediaries (a long way, even the aviator) in the operation, each one a bit larger than the other. It is ALWAYS better to prepay the purchase fee to a real estate agent than to buy the aircraft yourself.

Twenty fantastic transformed planes.

To fly is no longer the luxury it was. Those aeronautical enthusiasts have pulled out the crushed seat and the disgusting carpet to transform former airplanes into a ship in a restaurant, hotel, cafe or even in one case. Take a look at these 20 fantastically rebuilt aircraft that you would like to board. The Project Freedom was designed and constructed by aircraft lover Joe Axline.

There are two separated levels, an MD-80 and a DC-9-41 without leaves, which are next to each other. For two years Axline has been working in one of Project Freedom's aircraft. The Boeing 747 aircraft was the second Boeing 747 ever built and the first to be operated on a commercial basis.

Though the plane was serving dinners at a certain point that were looking for a varied dining adventure, today it stands deserted in front of several multi-family houses. In 1950 one of the last 1950 Bristol Freighter Vietnam Allies was placed in New Zealand and transformed into a twin units Motel. Visitors have the possibility to stay in the rear part of the aircraft or, for a little more money, in the dashboard.

Ussaryshells spent $30,000 to turn this Boeing 727 into their home. Tsukii Toshikazu used four planes, a Boeing 737, 727 and two 707 to build his two-storey guest house behind his modest apartment. It also used the hull of a Boeing 747 jet to serve as a swimming area.

The Tsukii guest house was designed by Tsukii to achieve his three aims in life: to be a pilot, an architect and an engineer. As he was already an engineer, he chose to create and construct an aircraft home (this is the architectural part) (this is unexpectedly not the pilot part). You need help on a plane? And the same is true for the DC6 Diner, a refurbished Douglas DC-6 aircraft.

Rather than eating groundnuts and dull biscuits, this plane is serving lasagne, beefs, hens and seafood. At Stockholm Arlanda International Airport in Sweden, the only aircraft that will not take off is currently flying across Stockholm Arlanda International Airport. Boeing 747 Jet was converted into a 24/7 24/7 youth hostel (yes, the name matches the size).

Jumbo Jet also has a contemporary lounge where you can enjoy a first rate stylish sip. Were one to have the option of taking nursery school lessons in a life-size plane compared to an average four-wall schoolroom, which child would not choose the plane? These five year old children can't imagine their imagination, because the headmaster Gari Chapidze decided to buy an empty Yakovlev 42 plane and convert it into a nursery.

Cosmic Muffin is exactly what it looks like - an airplane that changed blades to fly on the waters. Drimmer took a Boeing B-307 and turned it into the legendary "aircraft boat" after it was considered unflightable in 1969. Architects David Hertz refurbished this contemporary home after realizing the Wing Haus building.

Building on old parts of a Boeing 747 aircraft. They were used to make the rooftops of the buildings, while other parts of the aircraft served as the interior of the building. 1974 this C-47 fell during a mission of redistribution in Chile, and although the hull could not be found immediately, it was discovered 24 years later by one of the occupants in the accident.

and even locked up a funnel. As New Zealand's leading producer of biscuits, The Cookie Time Café only makes the point of choosing one of New Zealand's most important air liners to accommodate one of their cafés. Douglas DC-3 was priceless during World War II, and Cookies Time refurbished it to make a café outside the beats.

Aeroplane Suite in Teuge, The Netherlands, has been refurbished to make room for the most important things in your life, such as a whirlpool, showers, saunas, minibars and three sets of television. Bruce Campbell has been on a Boeing 727 jet for six month a year since 1999. Be sure to visit the St. Maarten'sAir Lekkerbek Pub & Restaurant for a round of drinks.

The DC-3, one of the most picturesque fast-food venues in the world, has the common Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs. Formerly a C-123 twin airplane launched during the Iran-Contra affair, the El Avion is now a dining room, dining room, pub and café.

The former Boeing KC-97 crude oil vessel, located next to the Radisson Hotel, has been refurbished to house 275 starving travellers. Located in Colorado Springs, the airplane restaurant not only serves good lunches and dinners, but also provides a thorough air travel story with many lavish souvenirs and images.

Located in the capitol of Ghana, this aircraft-powered dining establishment with a capacity of up to 118 persons is a meeting point for local residents, many of whom have never set foot on a real plane before. When Ghana Airways went into bankruptcy in 2005, the plane was confiscated at London's Heathrow, but now it is back in its home town.

Our eatery has waiters-women who dress as air hostesses and serve local dishes from Ghana and Western Africa. A 1965 Boeing 727 plane took Costa Verde and turned it into one of the most luxurious hotels in Costa Rica. This plane stands at the border of the jungles, where you can enjoy the view to the sea and the national park Costa Verde on both sides.

727 Fuselage Home also features two double rooms - each with its own bathroom - a panoramic TV, a separate fluvial cliff entry and a winding stairway.

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