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JFK Taxis & Transportation. Buffalo Taxi fare finder. Get information about taxi rates and prices and other useful information. Check out the latest over-price details for New York City, including price per mile, per minute, cancellation fees, historical prices and more.

As these data are taxi rides in New York, we remove these lines from our analysis.

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New York City changes since May 17, 2015: Excessive prices can vary within a few moments, so they cannot be shown above. However, you can specify your own particular itinerary above to see if there are any overvoltages for this area in Real Tim. These are the actual fares for every vehicle in New York City:

Checking over-prices and service for available cars for New York City; around the clock. 24/7. Any new results will be matched against the latest information and we will refresh this page whenever there are changes. Historic prices and corresponding figures are also shown on this page.

Cab fare calculator in Albany, NY with valuations

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What is the anticipated taxi rate between JFK and Jersey City?

Alternatively, a JFK 1/2 hours drive to the Port Authority Terminal at 42nd and 8th Ave (one blocks from Times Square) - costs $16 per passenger ($8.00 for senior citizens with a government-issued ID such as Medicare Card, passport, driver's license) and then a public service within the Jersey City area.

From PABT there are two buses to Jersey City, same fare ($4.25 standard, $1.90 senior), similar timetables, about every half hours on days of the week, but on Saturdays and Sundays at Saturdays and Sundays, but not the same at all. The best shopping place, PABT southern piano, entry between street 40 th and 41 th. nj 119 transit busses - gate #1 - below (basement - via central south wing moving staircase, a few paces from the cash desks).

There' a bug in this and many database systems that mixes JF Kennedy Blvd up in Northern Bergen and other places North of Journal Square with Jersey City sites just south of JSQ. Even if you use the right postal code, your results are often for the other area, not the one you specify.

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