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Last-minute discount

Get travel discounts and coupons for your last-minute vacation to top destinations like Orlando, New York, Las Vegas and Miami. Independents Capture your listings now in our sales area! Capture your listings now in our sales area! Don't let the deal go! Don't miss to read the latest week-end and vacation packages today!

Last Minute is an on-line tourist agency that provides its clients with hundred of different tourist attractions and tourist itineraries.

Sightseeing tours and residences offer a large variety of possibilities for the tourist. Historically, Last Minute has made packages for Rykjavic, Amsterdam and New York. Reserving a plane and a room together can often be less expensive, especially with last minute fares.

They will find different deals according to the period you are looking for. Visit us on a regular basis and find out which packages will give your feeling of excitement.

Discount / Last Minute Show Ticket - Las Vegas Forum

Hi: I'm going to Vegas for three night in September and I was asking myself if anyone has any previous experiences with getting discount cards for shows. In the hope of seeing a circus show there. When it' s a show I really want to see, I get the ticket in front. If you want to see the show, there is no warranty that the ticket will be available for the show you want to see when you want to see the show or the place you want to see.

I' d try these pages first as they sometimes have better reduced tickets: Personally, I collected love coupons for $55.00 each from the Mirage website, but I'm not sure if the offer is still running. I thought I didn't want to wait in a line for my valuable Vegas days. The circle ticketing is still active and there are September date ticketing.

I got 4 seats to Love for 21 August through this deal. At least once we buy our ticket at unix4tonight - usually the waiting is minimal...we are often not there at the opening because we are not looking for anything in particular...we have a lot of Wayne Brady...Mystere...KA...the listing goes on.

You' ve got to go over to the event location and exchange the coupons for a ticket - that's a disadvantage for some...for us it's part of the joke...... I' d advise you to buy your Cirque du Soleil ticket in Advance as they have their own Special "Summer of Cirque" offer right now with only $50 on it.

Discount seats don't always have circular fares, and then there's the added inconvenience of having to go to the evening ticket counter. When it' s a show you really want to see, use other means to get your ticket.

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