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What made Ola and Uber move out of the Intercity / Outstation taxi booking service? Outstation Ola - the best option for intercity travels For Intercity trips, we ensure that your driving adventure with Ola Outstation will be in a league of its own. That' s why we think the Ola Outstation is the best Intercity driver for you: It has never been so easy to book an Outstation cabin. Simply open the Ola application, click Outstation and fill in your itinerary.

You can use the OS10 key and get 10% discount up to 300 GS on Ola Outstation trips. Booking your Ola Outstation now!

Overland transport won't work.

With the longest week-end of the year just around the corner, we are sure you are preparing for your next journey out of station. We have to take in our astonishing land with its many places and tourist attractions. Think about it next time you travel: It' s now your turn to help us get the Word out - Take the #Ghoomoresponsibly promise and get thrilling deals on your next street tour, kindly endorsed by Ola Outdoorstation.

Next in Chennai to visit the town of Villore, take the Ola Outstation, as we have a one-way bus to the same town, making your journey even cheaper. These are your rates for a one-way ticket from Chennai to Vellore: It will be transformed and accounted for as a roundtrip trip when you go back to your original town.

At the end of the journey, you will arrive at the final point that you specified when making the reservation. Invoice will be based on the overall travel of the cabin to your final location in Drope Town. In case of cancellations there are cancelation charges. A daily subsistence benefit of 250 rubles applies to your journey.

Bikaner, welcome Ola Ostation to your town! Journey now comfortably to your favourite holidays like Jaipur, Kota, Delhi or anywhere in India, with Ola Outdoorstation! Tariffs begin at only 9 Rs/km so don't hesitate, just open the Ola App, click Ola Station, grab your pockets and get yourself.

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