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The NextJet was one of the largest regional airlines in Sweden. The NEXTJET aircraft switching services are exclusive to NEXTJET, Inc. and are not affiliated with Net Jets, Inc. or Executive Jet, Inc. I' ve ever seen.

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Most of NextJet's inland services were from Stockholm-Arlanda airport. Starting in 2010, many inland flights were also serviced by Stockholm-Bromma Airport on contract for Sverigeflyg and by Mariehamn Airport on contract for Air Åland from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. NextJet operates many inland services which have been funded by the Norwegian State.

Nextjet had difficulties six month before his death when one of his planes was damaged, leading to the closing of an airfield and flights.

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The NextJet services the following locations, among them Kokkola, Mariehamn, Oulu, Turku, Trømso, Arvidsjaur, Gallivare, Gothenburg, Hemavan, Jonkoping, Karlstad, Kramfors, Luleå, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Visby, Ornskoldsvik, Vilhelmina and many others. The NextJet is a small independant carrier serving seven Scandinavian airports: Stockholm, Hagfors, Sveg, Torsby, Orebro and Mora in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark.

Also NextJet runs aerial taxis and charters with a Cessna 560XL, which warrants the "jet" part of NextJet. NextJet's aircraft consist of ATP, Saab 340A, Saab 340B and ATP. Most of NextJet's national routes are served from Stockholm-Arlanda airport. They have also been serving many inland routes from Stockholm-Bromma Airport on Sverigeflyg' order since 2010.

Stockholm-Arlanda and Helsinki-Vantaa airports have also been served from Mariehamn Airport on Air Åland's order since 2010. NextJet subsidises many inland services in Sweden. In addition, chartered taxis and executives operate two jets. With 14 planes and 330 staff, NextJet serves 18 Scandinavian airports.

The NextJet Group has code-share arrangements with SAS, interlining arrangements with KLM, Finnair, Airfrance, Qatar and Wideroe. NextJet discontinued the Halmstad-Arlanda line in June 2016. The NextJet fleet consists of 14 aircrafts operating both within its own networks and on contract with other carriers. NextJet offers one item of hold and hold on to one ticket for a total of 23 kg and 1 hand bag.

Transit tickets in Class allow for a further item of hold luggage. Everybody who travels with hold luggage must present an identity document. NextJet has signed an agreement to rent two CRJ-200 aircraft from Voyageur Airways. One of these aircraft has been declared by the carrier to be operating between Gällivare airport (GEV) and Stockholm Arlanda airport (ARN).

Nextjet was taken over in December 2012, but the line continues under its own name, but only recently with an ATR72-200 wet lease from DOT - Danu odero transportationas. NextJet will be obliged to stop subsidies between Stockholm Vasteras and Helsinki Vantaa until 1 November as the Swedes are concerned about the under-utilisation of the routes and the significant loss incurred.

Loss-making on the itinerary will be offset against Stockholm Västerås Airport's own loss, which will hit a all-time high of SEK 45 million (USD 5.1 million) this year.

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