Boeing Business Jet 2

Business jet Boeing 2

One Boeing BBJ (737-based); two models. Type of aircraft BBJ; Number of passengers 16; Crew 4 pilots;

Crew 2 cabin Att.

Business Jet Boeing 2 specification

Boeing Business Jet is the result of a Boeing and General Electric Boeing and General Electric partnership to produce a high-performance jet. Launched in 2001, the ultra-long-haul BBJ2 has 25 per cent more cabin capacity and double luggage compartment. Also called the next 737-800 generations, the Boeing Business Jet 2 is 19.2 ft longer than the succesful 737.

The BBJ2 is able to travel big and has a powerful power pack. BBJ2's flight deck is equipped with Honeywell's trip IRS electronic flight system and two flight computer systems. BBJ2's leading-edge technology flight deck features Twin FMS, Twin Rockwell Collins Series 900 VHF comm/nav with DME, RF communication, ADF, GPS, MLS and WXR-700X meteorological radars.

The BBJ2 is similar in construction to the B737: with its low curved wings, underwing thrusters, vertically mounted tail plane and the retractable undercarriage. The BBJ2 enables long-term use and uses nine additional storage bins. BBJ2's cab is 98.3 ft long, 11.7 ft broad and 7.1 ft high. In order to get an impression of how large the BBJ2's cab really is, it can accommodate sixty people in a high-density setup.

For long journeys, a seperate lounger is used for the help team. Featuring a 1,004 ft cab capacity, this plane provides most homes with a run for their buck. The Boeing Business Jet 2 is built on two Boeing successes, the B737 and the BBJ, and provides competitively priced ranges, speeds and OS in an equal size pack.

Designed for companies that need to travel frequently but productively, this ultra-long reach company jet provides the tooling and room to work on the street.

The new MAX 7 expands the Boeing Business Jet range

Supported by the introduction of a new, longer-range MAX 7 version of the BBJ series, Boeing Business Jets has introduced a set of incentive packages to win new business and accelerate the resale of used airliners.... BBJ MAX 7 is "the plane we've been looking forward to for a long time," says Boeing BBJ Chairman David Longridge.

This new version is built on the redesigned 737 MAX 7, which Boeing introduced at the latest Farnborough air show, and will be available as a BBJ from 2022. That means the maximal reach can be achieved with only seven belly-mounted booster refuelling bunkers instead of the nine currently needed, resulting in an 85% enlargement of the lower luggage compartment.

As the newer models become available, Boeing has launched a new All Access Pass programme that will make it easy to buy second-hand airplanes for 500,000 US dollars, which are attracting particularly strong interest in China. "We' re paying a lot of heed to the used BBJ segment, because when airplanes are hard to buy, that means salvage value and the funding of new airplanes we want to buy is affected," says Longridge.

It will also strengthen awareness of the markets and'the capacity to attract new clients who have never flew a Boeing before', he added. It includes no additional costs for engineering assistance, a 10-year IP royalty-free period, a one-year set of operational and service records, and BBJ operation and repair education opportunities.

Boeing has also overseen the design of "power-by-the-hour" bundles, "so that a prospective carrier considering switching to an airplane of this magnitude has a high degree of trust in what it will be paying to run the aircraft," he states.

Boeing Business Jets received a total of 239 orders for all the different models and 217 deliveries, of which 164 and 162 are bbj.

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