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The Boeing private jet is a luxury flying object. 787 BBJ Kestrel Kestrel Aviation Management. Private jet Boeing flies home in luxurious style In the next few months the Chinese HNA Group will receive a new Boeing 787-8 private jet. The 787 Boeing Business Jet, as previously engineered, has a cruising distance of nearly 9,800 mph, even when equipped with 40 passenger, baggage and petrol. Kestrel Aviation, the aerospace consultancy, was responsible for the production of this 787 from beginning to end.

Though several 787s have been switched from private use to private use, this is the first Dreamliner specifically designed as a BBJ, Vella said. Delivery of the airplane to Kestrel took place in January 2014. As no one had ever produced a real Boeing 787 private jet before, Kestrel, together with Pierrejean and Greenpoint, had to redesign and construct the inside of the airplane from the ground up.

A Boeing 787 BBJ is not exactly inexpensive. Boeing 787-8's basis bears a listed cost of 224.6 million dollars, while the modification contributes a further 100 million dollars to the cost. Here is a more detailed look at the first Boeing 787-8 BBJ: Get the current share quote of Boeing here.

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Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner is an innovative and fuel-efficient long-haul VVIP available for private use. Since 2011, the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner has been known as one of the newest wide-body jets in the world. Like some of the large passenger planes that have been built so far, the Dreamliner has now been made available by Boeing as a modified VVIP privateer.

VIP VVIP multi-zone interiors. VVIP 787-8 Dreamliner can carry up to 40 guests in a luxury and roomy cab.

,000 per class per night.

There' a whole bunch of things you can do with $74,000: buy a Land Rover, grab the brains of businessman Mark Cuban for a whole full tag, spend a year at Columbia University paying for accommodation and food, or take an airport flight on the world's first Boeing 787 Dreamliner chartered for private flights.

The 787, which has been in service since the end of 2016 but was formally presented in May this year with a top-class global concert series, ended up in Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Dublin, Doha, Riyadh and Seattle. Deer Jet, the China-based air charters provider, its owners and operators, travelled through the aircraft's main room, with its California king-size berth and en-suite bath (with showers and hot water floor, of course), walk-in wardrobe with secure, elaborate living room, dinning room, food service room and guests stateroom with extra berth (for the remainder of your environment).

Kestrel Aviation and the consultant Jacques Pierrejean have spend more than two years designing the fully customized interiors, which include in this "VVIP", a very important figure, the seating configurations and maintenance of a totally 40 on an area of 2,300 square feet. "1 "1hour on board is already more than three times the price of traveling in Etihad's private, three-room "residence" suite on the airline's A380', but renting the Deer Jet 787 means choosing your own route, not having to divide the airplane with foreigners, and reaching out in absolute, luxurious private sphere that eclipses everything available on board an Airbus.

Although its name refers to the soft woodland form, Deer Jet is anything but shy; the airline started in 1995 with China's first ever chartered commercial jet and flew its customer ESSO (better known as ExxonMobil) from Beijing to Dunhuang in northwest China. Deer Jet has since evolved from a Learjet to one of the biggest corporate jet in the Asia Pacific area, with base stations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong for flights to more than 600 destinations, among them Tibetan Nyingchi Airport.

The Deer Jet offers seven-star servicing, but 787 flight offers integrated features such as sophisticated filtration and humidification technology for clean, healthy indoor and outdoor environments, and reduced aircraft noises for a more relaxing time. Jon Ostrower, CNN aeronautics chief at CNN, writes: "The master suite has been engineered with comprehensive soundproofing, enough to keep the cabin acoustic at 44 dB while driving - about the size of a tranquil commuter with little use.

But Deer Jet can help there too. Tahiti for a four-night visit to Paris at the Trianon Palace Versailles of Waldorf Astoria with "hot-air ballon, chopper, Michelin dinner, or even any Bordeaux basement of your choice".

" Hotels are covered by the fare, but we are still speaking of 74,000 dollars per hours. Deer Jet is a division of the Chinese HNA Group, which holds a 25 per cent share in Hilton. Think of the points you would receive with just one Deer Jet 787 charters.

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