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Timisoara - Timisoara - Timisoara. By bus / taxi by train / taxi. JFK nach Central Park (725 12th Avenue) - New York City Forum

Hello, does anyone know how much a taxi costs from JFK to Central Park, pleasant afternoons on a Thursday. P.S. The Skyline Highschool is within walking distance of Central Park, but close to Hells Kitchen just to the west of Times Square. Located on the western side of the road.

Skyine is not so close to Central Park = it is almost 10 boulders - half a kilometer away.

Taxi: Airport Amritsar to Hotel City Heart nr Golden Temple - Amritsar Forum

Hello, what is the best way from Amritsar Airport --> Hotel City Herz (located near the airport) ? I' m assuming it's a cab - how much is that gonna be? I would also like to go to the Wagh frontier - how much does a reasonable fare for a trip back be?

Ask your hotelier for a free transfer from the international airports. As a rule, airports are obliged to provide them. A few month ago we rented a Qualis for the Wagah call and paid 500 rupees for the whole vehicle's journey back........ Folks are quoting a lot of rent, but don't even know it anymore, we found a travel group in Wagah who had rented an 8-seater Maruti Omni truck just for 400 cents.

Hello K. Yogi - thanks again for your council... there will be 2 of us. and our guesthouse is near the gold medallion. You have offered 650 for pick-up from the Airport - I think it's too much.... so I will most likely have to bring one from the Airports... or rent one for the Day... and use it for pick-up from the Airports - Hotels - wagh borders - hotels. what do you think what should be a reasonable rate and all the other proposals.....

What should only the airports --> hotels (near amritsar) be? A taxi is available at the airports. About 10 km from the town is the international aerodrome. Taxis should not bill more than 250-300 for the same. A lot of taxi drivers are roaming the Gold Tempel looking for Wagah-goers.......

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