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AviationKnowledge - Aircraft manufacturer Airbus, Boeing and Tupoloev mainly manufacture widebody and narrowbody jets, while Bombardier and Embraer focus on local carriers (200911). To build an airplane, producers must procure a number of different and one-of-a-kind parts to build the airplane. A large global ecosystem of specialist parts vendors supports the needs of these vendors, who sometimes only perform original equipment designs and factory assemblies (200911).

Five large producers of civilian transportation planes, among them: One of the world's largest airframe builders, Airbus is responsible for about half or more orders for commercial jets with more than 100 passengers. At present, Airbus has a portfolio of 14 different jets ranging from 100 to 525 passengers.

More than 9,200 Airbus jets were ordered globally as the Airbus jets are known for their convenience, economy and flexibility (20091). It is one of the other major aviation and space companies and the biggest producer of airliners and aircrafts together. Boeing's most important commercially manufactured products are the 737, 747, 767 and 777 and Boeing Business Jet series, with nearly 12,000 airliners in operation around the globe (about 75 per cent of the global fleet) (20092).

Bomb shooter. Balda Group is a leading international transport operator with a presence in over 60 different European nations on 5 different continents. Our customers are located in the United States, France, Italy, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Headquartered in London, Germany, it is the world's third biggest commercial jet aerospace supplier and a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced aerospace related solutions and solutions for the corporate, commercial, industrial and amphibian aerospace market (20093).

Its powerful aircrafts and service are seen in a number of different marketplaces, among them (20093): Corporate jets - Learjet, Challenger and Global jets; Airliners - new CSeries programme, CRJ and Q-Series jets; Amphibian jets - Bombardier 415 and 415 MP jets; Jet traveller jet systems - Flexjet; Specialty jets - Bombardier jets adapted for specific operations; Jet service and education - Parts, servicing, comprehensive education, engineering assistance and publication; as well as on-line service.

By focussing on special niche sectors with high economic development potentials in civil, military and law enforcement aerospace, Embraer has become one of the world's largest aerospace companies (20097). Among the three EMBRAER jet manufacturing industries (20097) are: 1 Commercial Aviation - EMB 120; ARJ 135; ARJ 140; ARJ 145; ARJ 145 X-ray; ARJ 170; ARJ 175; ARJ 190 and ARJ 195.

Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 600 ; Legacy 500 ECU Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 600 ECU Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 500 Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Phenom Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 450 Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 300 Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 300 Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Phenom Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 450 and Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 100 Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 100 Executive Aviation - Lineage 1000 ; Legacy 100. Moscow, Russia, Tupolev is a Moscow-based space and defense corporation formally known as Public Stock Company Tupolev (PSC) 200910. Tupolev develops, manufactures and overhauls both civilian and defense aviation and space equipment such as aeroplanes and weaponry.

It is also active in the development of rocket and marine air technology, producing more than 18,000 Tupolev jets for the USSR and the Eastern bloc (200910). Much of the design that PSC Tupoley has created over the years has been blind alleys or experimentation planes, although they have also created a range of serial planes that can have up to 4,500 units as in the Tu-2 (200910).

Sketches date back to the early reciprocating aircrafts, pilot aircrafts, Bomber and other army models, interceptors (Tu-28/Tu-128P "Fiddler"), airplanes/transport, UAVs and planed aircrafts (PAK DA and Tu-2000) (200910). The General Aviation segment covers all non-scheduled civilian services, both domestic and non-residential. GA may also include: corporate travel; personal travel; aeronautical education; charters; ballooning; skydiving; air photos; kite flyings; sailplaning; kite soaring; kite pedal launches; ambulatory services; harvest dedusting; charters; road reports; policing and combating fires (200911).

Below are a few small aeroplane producers among those serving the general aerospace sector with a particular emphasis on residential aerospace and air traffic education (200911): It is the world' s premier developer and producer of lightweight and mid-size commercial jetliners, turbo-props and mono-engined aeroplanes, having shipped and supplied more aeroplanes than any other (190,000 and more) (20094).

Starting more than eighty years ago as a small airplane manufacturer in Wichita, Kansas (USA) with the goal of building a single-decker airplane that used a strutless and strutless glider, they now employed over 15,000 persons around the world (20094). The business is a wholly owned affiliate of the US Textron Group.

The Cirrus Designs Corporation is an aerospace engineering firm and the world's premier innovation provider of single-engine piston-powered airplanes, with the SR22 being the world's best-selling aeroplane in its category (20095). In 1984, they began as a construction set aeroplane and designer production firm in Wisconsin, USA, with their VK-30s, before relocating their head office to Minnesota, USA, in 1994 to begin research and develop the SR20 (four commercial and mono engined compound aircraft) with the help of over 950 staff (20095).

Zirrus has also designed the SRV, SR20 and SR22 to integrate shallow screen technologies, multifunction displays and state-of-the-art security innovation, incorporating a definitive security layer known as the Cirrus Airframe parachute system (CAPS) - a balistic chute used in most cases from the tail of the airplane that allows the whole airplane to dismount securely from an accident (20095).

Diamond. The Diamond Group is an Austrian-based producer of general purpose aircrafts, motorgliders and simulation equipment. You are a multinational company with operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, 1,200 employees and over 3,500 airplanes in production (20096). Both plants manufacture airplanes for flying academies and privately owned companies (20096).

Mooney Airplane Company (MAC) is a US single-engine general purpose airplane company established in 1929 that has shipped more than 11,000 planes around the world since then (2009)8). At Mooney, we serve 7,000 U.S. and 1,000 international clients with a total flight time of more than 40 million flightless hours (2009)8).

Mooney has achieved a number of significant successes during its history in the aerospace sector, among them the manufacture of the first pressurised mono-engined reciprocating airplane (M22 Mustang), the manufacture of the world''s first mono-engined airplane (Mooney Acclaim), the first serial 200 mbph 200 hp airplane (M20J 201) and the world''s fast trans-continental airplane (M20K 231) (2009)8).

Mooney airplanes all have the characteristic fin with its front and rear edges, which give the impression of being thrown forward (2009)8). Piper. The Pipercraft, Inc. is a general aircraft company based at Vero Beach Municpial Airport in Vero Beach, Florida. Piper presented the Piper Cub in 1937, and since then Piper is the only general aerospace company to provide a full range of aeroplanes from the robust trainer to the powerful turbopropeller, and the new piper jet produces more than 144,000 planes - 85,000 of which still fly (20099).

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AviationKnowledge This page AviationKnowledge provides further information about this aviation company.

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