Private Jet Trip Cost

Costs for a private jet journey

Privatjetreisen FAQ | Questions about Luxuscharter With what kind of jet do we fly? 2 meters (5 feet) of private room to relax and enjoy the ride. Welcome individual travelers and offer the same accommodation and experience for both individuals and those traveling with one. It is of the greatest importance that you are personally safe. Traveling by private jet gives us extra assurance of a level of security that we would not have for commercial purposes.

Immediately after confirming your reservation, your Global Guest Services Manager will contact you to help you select your places. Which kind of passengers are travelling on your trips? Most of our travelers become great buddies and stay in contact even after their return from the trip. Is it possible to take part in a trip after departure or to depart earlier?

Dependent on the participating country you can participate after the start of a trip or leave early. A lot of airlines are regulating private traffic to/from their airport and demand that private traffic with the same passenger arrives and departures. In these cases, full transport costs would continue to be incurred.

In case you want to go with your kids, we advise you to consider only well-travelled older kids (12 years and older). Do not hesitate to contact our Guest Service Manager to make your own recommendation. Which employee will accompany me on my trip? Helicopter flights, volcanos in Kona and learn how to grow rices in Chiang Mai are just some of the many ways you can customize your trip for life.

Our most favourite trips are made in small groups of 6 to 8 persons with private guide for each group. The majority of choices have groups that are smaller than these, and all experience is private. The price includes all lunches and dinners, from the welcome meal at the first point of arrival to our last day break.

Immediately after confirming your reservation, our Global Guest Services Manager will get in touch with you to obtain information about themselves, complete with any specific nutritional needs. The Executive Chef takes care of the entire food processing on the boat and the food serviced in the hotel. All efforts will be made to ensure that all nutritional needs are fulfilled throughout the itinerary.

Drinks, alcoholic drinks inclusive, are provided on our private jet. Is the trip insured? Every private jet guest receives automatic immediate health care, which includes cover of up to $100,000 for evacuating and up to $50,000 for insured health outlays.

You can also take out an option travel cancelation policy. The cover for different circumstances, such as e.g. emergency medicine at home before or during the trip, is very different. Which is not contained in the travel price? Excludes: fare to and from your hometown; travel and visas costs; face to face costs such as linen or phone bills; extra options such as hotel and hotel accommodation, private car and driver; and alcohol and snacks eaten outside the private jet and outside your normal everyday meal schedule.

Will I need to get a permit to go? By booking your trip, we determine the required documents for your entry and help you obtain them. Every traveler needs a pass that is at least six month longer than the original itinerary. Our assistent tour ney manager manages your baggage from the beginning of your trip to your arrival at your chosen location.

A small pocket for hand baggage is recommended for objects such as a book, iPad and belongings, as well as another pocket for your belongings such as a handbag or camcorder pocket. To your comfort you can keep your own belongings in the plane that you only want to use during the flight.

Washing service is available in all our hotel facilities, and we always advise you to keep additional room in your bag for your purchases. Please feel free to consult your Global Guest Service Manager for more information on packaging.

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