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Elite-Mileage Plan members earn miles faster and enjoy benefits such as two free bags, priority check-in and boarding, and priority seats on Alaska. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan allows you to earn frequent flyer miles based on the distance between your origin and destination on any Alaska Airlines or partner airline flight. These miles can be used for free flights with Alaska Airlines and its partner airlines.

Five Things You Should Know About The Alaska Airlines Mileage Schedule

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The Alaska Airlines mileage plan: Complete guide for you

And if you frequently travel with Alaska, the airline's wide range of airlines and profitable range of debit cards make Mileage Plan, its frequent flyer programme, a great choice.... It is also an outstanding programme for those who wish to take challenging overseas air travel with mileage. The Alaska Airlines Fidelity Programme rewards you in mileage that can be earned on Alaska or its affiliate travel.

Registration for the Alaska Airlines mileage plan is free. You can then earn your eligibility if you fly a certain number of mileage points in a year. Ultimate membership includes free up-grades and other advantages. When you have no action on your award balance for two years, your balance may be terminated and you may forfeit your mileage.

Qualified Alaska Airlines or other qualified airline partners will receive 1 basic airfare per actually used airfare. Fly 1,000 leagues, for example, and you' ll get 1,000 basic leagues.

Today, this distance-based earnings system is uncommon among US airlines, most of which allocate frequent flyer mileage on the basis of dollar spend. In general, the rule of Alaska makes it much simpler to collect mileage and achieve élite level more quickly - especially if you're frequenting long-haul flying. Bonuses can also be earned according to the type of services you purchase and your loyal billing state.

Discounts for classes of duty are counted towards your élite level, discounts for loyalties are not. In order to find out how many mileage you would collect on a particular trip, use our computer below. More information on élite can be found below. This map, which has an $75 per year charge, also comes with sound running reward for those who often travel with Alaska Airlines:

Please note: If you request the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Bonus® Visa system debit cards but are eligible for a less than $5,000 line of credit, you will be eligible for the Alaska Airlines Platinum Plus Bonus® debit cards instead. Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines acknowledged in an e-mail that frequent flyer mileage collected with a co-branded debit cards does not rank as part of the airline's eligibility.

Alaska Airlines gives you the opportunity to collect even more miles: but they' re more than two europ each. Except for a few specific deals, mileage purchases do not qualify for top flight ranking. Mystery to get an astounding value out of Alaska mileage? While Alaska Airlines is not a member of any of the three large airlines Oneworld, Star Alliance, or SkyTeam, the strong global alliance of airlines makes it simple to get excellent value out of every single flight distance.

A number of their airline partners also provide first-rate accommodation for a good deal on mileage payments versus costs in real time. The Alaska Airlines rates for reward travel are set in mileage based on grade of travel and travel time. Reward travel on travel within the adjacent USA and Alaska begins at 5,000 mile per way.

Use the Alaska Airlines reward table utility to see how much your reward tickets for your particular journey could costs. Since the airfare of a journey is dependent on the area from which you are traveling, you will receive more for each additional miles if you use airfare for otherwise costly travel.

This often means that you have to book your trip with an Alaska Airlines affiliate. Searching for available awards places is not always simple, but if you can secure one, it can be rewarding. The Hong Kong-based carrier provides a super-luxurious luxury dining experience of the highest order, featuring Michelin-starred menu and roomy seating.

However, if you had used Alaska Airlines mileage, you would only be paying 140,000 for a non-refundable return trip. In essence, you would get about 14 euro cent per kilometer while travelling in a stylish way, before tax and charges. Note that you cannot make Cathay Pacific Tours bookings through the Alaska Airlines website as you can with other airlines.

These airlines fly all over the globe and generally offer relatively low premium fares - especially for people travelling in first and second class. Special fares are available for those travelling in full time. Let's say, for example, you caught a first-class, non-refundable return journey from neighbouring USA and Alaska to Europe for 125,000 mph. Otherwise, if you were to have spent $7,000 on a first rate currency tickets, say, London - which wouldn't be uncommon - you could get about 5. 3 euro cent per kilometer on this refund, even with tax and surcharges.

When traveling to Australia or New Zealand, it might make sense to redeem your Alaska Airlines mileage with Qantas. Alaska Airlines mileage allows you to travel from adjacent USA or Alaska to New Zealand in Qantas for only 110,000 return flight and 110,000 return flight minutes in Qantas Air Charter Express City. And if you were paying for it in mileage instead, you would get about 9. 3 eurocent per milage, after inclusive tax and charges.

Redemption of Alaska Airlines mileage is simply not the best choice on certain itineraries. A general guideline is that if a ticket is less than $50 per trip, you are better off spending it in either money or loan, not reward money. In order to waste points, split the dollars of your airfare (less the amount of tax and charges you would incur if you were booking with miles) by the mileage charges.

When it' s less than 0.01 - 1 penny - it's probably a better way to avoid your reward for another itinerary. Paying with cash and mileage, with which you can partly earn and partly earn mileage, does promise comfort, but also has a relatively low value.

If you are flying in the neighboring USA and Alaska, for example, you can get 50% off up to a $100 rebate for 10,000 mileage or 50% off up to a $200 rebate for 20,000 mileage, which actually gives you a 1 eurocent per effective kilometer limit. In most cases British Airways has low fare awards, but tends to impose high fuelling charges on certain itineraries.

Those can replenish the value of your mileage effectively. Too high a fee may make it useful to travel with another traveler. Frequent flights with Alaska Airlines and its affiliates can help you earn your eligibility for top level rank. In this way you gain a wealth of delicacies, regardless of whether you are flying with Alaska Airlines or other authorized business associates.

There are three stages to obtaining élite status: A higher level of your level means more advantages you can use. Overall, Alaska's élite rating is quite liberal and relatively easily achieved due to the airline's distance-based earnings system. They also offer "elite holidays" for new mothers who often have to put the trip on ice during the caring of a neonate.

In order to prevent their élite designation from being lost, new couples who provide evidence of maternity or paternity leaves may be granted an additional year of élite designation. When you are an élite member who welcomes a newborn, it is rewarding to apply for this value. Members of the élite do not get free entry to the lounges as they would with many other programmes.

Faithful leaflets at Alaska Airlines and its subsidiaries and associates can receive free updates and other benefits: Mileage that qualifies you for the top flight: There are no included eligibility miles: To see how closely you are getting these ratings, you can login to your Alaska Airlines on-line portal. Your employment will give you élite membership in one year; your membership will become effective approximately one to two week after your employment and will last until the end of the next year.

Alaska Airlines' large partner ecosystem allows you to make rewards tours around the globe through Alaska Airlines, both on-line through and by telephone. Cashing your mileage in this way can be a great move. Specifically, the spot price of certain types of ticket can be quite high in comparison to the premium price.

Such redemption will give you more value from your points. Alaska Airlines also allows you to collect more Alaska Airlines frequent flyer mileage if you use your airline routing numbers to make airline bookings with airline partners when you pay for your ticket in advance, although in some cases you will not receive any bonus for the Alaska Airlines category if you do.

The Alaska Airlines partner airlines are shown in the following chart, with information on what services are available and how to reserve reward tours. Reserving with money via only sees home flights and a fistful of overseas flights on-line. However, if you pay with mileage, you can also reserve journeys to several other destinations.

Please use the following contact to see which airlines will take you to your desired destinations when you redeem Alaska Airlines mileage. The Alaska Airlines credentials are provided by Bank of America®. These points are valued on the basis of an estimate of the amount redeemed, not a reward paid by your bank account.

We have selected 10 favourite airways - five national and five intercontinental - for our calculation, both for economic, as well as for commercial and first classical services. Mileage values were between 0.6 and 2.2 europ each. Mean mileage was 1.1 europents. In order to calculate the value of your mileage for certain travel, split the present value of the tickets (less any accrued taxes/fees when redeeming miles) by the number of necessary mileage for the trip.

So, if the tickets would either be $100 or 15,000 mile + $10 in taxes/fees, the mathematics would be as follows:

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