Airline Offers in Sri Lanka

Flight offers in Sri Lanka

up to 50% discount! > Saves a lot, travels more! Fill in your trip details and your country of origin. They will be redirected to the tariff calender. The tariffs available with the action will be shown in the tariff schedule when you make your booking from 30 January to 6 February 2018.

These tariffs are already reduced.

When your schedules are flexibel, you can choose from a variety of schedules with even cheaper rates if available. Certain flight types have a restricted number of promotional places available. You will see the normal price if the places assigned for the action are already full.

Once the Discount rate is available, it will be shown under the Eco/Biz Discount Family. Reduced prices already apply to special offers. Kindly be aware that such flight are not considered for promotions. Please review the tariff policy before making any purchases.

The best fares

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